“I pledge Allegiance to the flag…but which flag?”

‘China Joe’ has benefitted financially from the communist Chinese—this we already know. His son Hunter was bribed with millions of dollars in ‘investments’ from the Chicom military and his dad, ‘the big guy,’ got his 10 percent. It’s no wonder that the Chicoms helped interfere in our presidential election to get Biden elected. The Chicoms did not want Trump to serve a second term because he had stood up to them.

Now it’s all becoming more clear and out in the open. Major corporations are pro-communist China. Apple blocked uploads on the Chinese protestors’ phones to aid the Chi-com rulers. Apple is also threatening to block access to a Twitter download, thus harming Musk’s company that plans on returning free speech to conservatives. Apple does not believe in free speech and is a traitor to America.

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We’ve already known that Hollywood and various sports entities are pro-communist China. Hollywood bends over backward to please Chinese censors so that their movies can gain access to the population there, which is four times the size of the United States. Hollywood cares about money, not free speech. Likewise, the NBA has praised an oppressive, totalitarian government in order to maintain access to money and fans in China.

Anthony Fauci’s job included protecting China and its bio-military industrial complex. He gave millions in American taxpayer money to a Chinese communist bioweapons lab to develop Covid-19 and then he has tried to deny it and cover it up. The vastly-overpaid Fauci is an arrogant liar. He also sent an operative to China who praised their handling of the virus by means of lockdowns and masks. Fauci quickly recommended the approach used by the Chinese communist rulers and we in America got locked down and masked up. Fauci’s decision was based on no science whatsoever. He’s a sadistic sociopathic control freak and he greatly admires the control and power that the communist Chinese rulers enjoy. Fauci wants such absolute control for America because he’s anti-freedom and a traitor. Fauci needs to be introduced to a length of rope.


WEF president Klaus Schwab, another sociopathic control freak, has profusely praised the communists in China and recommends the entire world adopt a similar system. His plans no doubt include a central bank digital currency (CBDC) as well as a Chinese-style social credit system of absolute control. Nobody in America voted for Schwab, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or George Soros, but these globalists command fantastic amounts of money, so they influence cultural behavior and buy out our political system. They’re all in love with the communist system in China.

We’ve already seen how the Democrats are in league with the Chinese communist party. They do their bidding in Congress. The jackass Eric Swalwell bragged about sleeping with a Chinese communist spy, Christine Fang, also known as ‘fang fang.’ Nothing happened to him. Swalwell is an anti-American ignoramus who once threatened to nuke gun owners. Despite getting compromised by a Chinese spy, he  continued to serve on the House Intelligence Committee. The Democrats applaud and even reward those within their party who betray America. After all, the Democrats desire a uni-party that enjoys permanent and absolute control—just like the Chi-coms.

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Of course, the corporate mainstream media are in the business of under-reporting crimes by the Chi-coms. The Chinese communists are free to set up police stations across the USA. They are allowed to spy at universities and in Congress, steal corporate secrets, and bribe our politicians. Journalists on the left love communism and so the Chi-coms are always given a pass.

Now we know why Kissinger urged Nixon to open up China. Kissinger wanted a Chinese system for the world, but it needed to be built up first. He wanted China to become a high-tech haven and use that technology to take their tyranny to an advanced level. Chinese citizens may be enjoying an elevated standard of living since Mao, but they have NO say over their own government. They have neither freedom of speech nor freedom from medical tyranny. They can get locked down like cattle and even get trapped and left to burn to death. They are constantly spied upon and their social credit system means the government can seize money by means of fees and higher taxes and limit travel for those deemed ‘anti-social.’ This is what the people at Davos want for us all.

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I do not want America to become communist China. If the central bankers who own the Federal Reserve roll out a CBDC, it would be crossing a line drawn in the sand. The globalist rulers want total control and outright slavery for the masses and that could spark a civil war. Americans should not go meekly into that dark goodnight.

— Ben Garrison


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And let’s not forget the establishment Republicans that happily go along with the censorship and tyranny like Mitch McConnell and his lovely Chinese wife….



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