Ben Franklin’s Republic, Now Biden’s Banana Republic

Cartoon published 08/06/2023

At the end of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, an onlooker asked Ben Franklin, “What have we got? A republic or a monarchy?”

Franklin said, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

He knew what a dangerous threat government could pose to liberty, and that’s why our Founding Fathers penned the Constitution with plenty of checks and balances. Unfortunately, politicians nowadays largely ignore the Constitution to which they swore allegiance. Congress reneged on their responsibility by illegally handing their control of money over to private, globalist bankers. An unconstitutional IRS was soon added followed by the FBI, CIA, NSA and many other Deep State Swamp ‘security’ agencies that have little accountability to Congress or the president, let alone to the people. None of these institutions were written into the Constitution.

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As a result of vast corruption and abuse of power, we now have a banana republic. We The People are forced to endure a spate of unelected dictators who do what they want—including jailing political adversaries. What Biden, Garland, and Smith are doing is a complete and utter disgrace. They don’t care. They are backed by a corrupt Deep State, corrupt courts, and corrupt legacy media.

Joe Biden often flashes his sadistic, confident grin because he knows the Deep State backs him. He can even brag about being a demonic, evil figure—‘Dark Brandon.’ He knows he will face no consequences. He doesn’t even have to put in much of an effort toward his reelection. Instead he can relax on the beach, ride a bike, and run his feeble campaign from his basement. He knows he won’t be rejected at the ballot boxes because the Deep State has everything rigged. Voting machines are easily hacked and results are altered. Endless mail-in ballots and drop boxes make it easy to sway elections to favor the banana republic dictator. In key precincts, Biden votes will again be double and triple-counted by partisans backed by the Deep State. Votes for Trump will get discarded. As many ballots needed to put Biden on top will again appear very late into the evening.

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Yes, the cheating will happen again, because our country was conquered by far-left, woke Bolsheviks who have no conscience, morals, or allegiance to the Constitution. They will do whatever it takes to stop Trump. To them, the end justifies the means. Might makes right. A young Obama had a mentor in Hawaii, and he spent many hours visiting him. He was the notorious communist Frank Marshall Davis. Why would Barack’s mom leave him alone with Davis for long periods of time? Because she knew Davis was Barack’s real father. Obama soon had things rigged for him by dark powers and he carried out the wishes of oligarchs. Obama politicized the FBI, IRS, and the CIA and he succeeded. Consider how Obama appointed John Brennan, a communist, as the head of the CIA. The DOJ is also completely corrupt.Most of our politicians (The Uni-party) answer not to the people, but rather to powerful globalist corporations, Big Pharma, the Military Industrial Complex, and especially the globalist, ‘great reset’ banker oligarchs.

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Ben Franklin would be very disappointed to observe what has happened to the country he helped launch, but I have a feeling he would not be surprised. We failed to keep his republic and now we are kept as slaves. We’re being forced to serve the banana republic and obey the lying criminals who run it. 

Do not comply.

— Ben Garrison

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