Biden And Gomorrah—White House Takes Pride In Degeneracy

Cartoon published 06/15/2023

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” – Isaiah 5:20

Picture a rainbow colored jackboot stomping on your face for the rest of time—that’s what’s coming if we fail to fight back.

The White House was intentionally defiled when Pedo Joe Biden held a ‘Pride’ celebration on the front lawn. Deviants mentally ill people were invited to cavort on the grass while Biden praised them for being ‘brave.’ Rainbows were everywhere and Biden was in full virtue signaling mode.

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The event quickly descended into farcical debasement of American traditional values.

Joe held court with the ‘trans-jesters,’ a phrase he had earlier used by accident. He posed with many of the trans whatevers. One of them, shortly after meeting the Resident in Chief, decided to show off his/her bravery and go topless. Yes, a man claiming to be a woman actually shook his/her’s silicone boob implants directly in front of the White House. This mentally ill man was joined by a mentally ill woman who had mutilated herself by chopping off her natural breasts to reveal a disgusting surgical scar that crossed her testosterone-charged hairy chest. The trans-jester thought it would be swell to post those photos on social media, which which were met with outrage and disgust. The backlash was breathtaking to behold.

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The White House was forced to backpedal. They banned the fake boob flasher from the White House. It’s funny how Resident Biden can one minute say how the trans-jesters were “very brave” and in the next minute ban them from the White House for their chutzpah. This shows you the total hypocrisy of Biden. The White House ‘Pride’ event (what do they have to be proud about?) should never have been allowed to begin with and their blatant disrespect for our country was shown draped front and center. A giant LGBTQ+ flag dominated the White House and it visually pushed aside the two American flags flanking it. This was an obvious violation of the flag code—a traitorous disregard for our American flag and the thousands who have died for it.

Did the Biden administration care? Of course not. Like the Obama administration before him, they hate America. Joe is above such flag-flying formalities because he’s also above the law. He smiles when people ask him tough questions pertaining to the millions of dollars in bribe money that he received. His grin is sadistic. He enjoys insulting and destroying America.

Biden and the radical Democrats—along with RINO cowards and ruthless communists—are trying to turn America into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

We won’t let them. Push back even harder. Boycott the rainbow pushers and speak out. Make the whole trans movement so toxic to corporations that they will run from anything with a rainbow on it.

Pray to God and ask for the courage, strength, and faith to battle on.

—The GrrrTeam

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