Sunken Bidens

Cartoon published 07/28/2023

Hunter Biden finally had someone tell him “No!” 

The spoiled, drug, sex, and money-addled son of Joe was clearly crestfallen after the Delaware federal judge threw out his honey-dripping sweetheart deal that included a permanent stay out of jail free card.

What happens next remains to be seen, but at least we know that the Bidens don’t always win. “Don’t mess with a Biden?” Well, at least Judge Noreika had the chutzpah to mess with one of them. It’s about time to see Hunter is not above the law.

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We at GrrrGraphics are savoring this small victory. We know Joe Biden is a lying, arch criminal who will most likely not only will get away with his traitorous crimes, but also get re-elected, thanks to massive ballot rigging.


Will he be impeached? Not likely. The Republicans like to put forth a great deal of angry bluster but in the end, nothing will happen. Even Rand Paul said,  “I don’t really want to impeach every president comes forward.” Gee, thanks Rand. Apparently Republicans are above ’tit for tat.’ The Uni-party does nothing as our country slip more and more toward a permanent Banana Republic. 

— The GrrrTeam

 Ben Garrison

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