Biden’s Imaginary Friend Shows Up

Now we know who Biden has been trying to shake hands with. World War.

Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipeline was destroyed on Monday. Three explosions tore a gapping hole in the pipeline under the Baltic sea. Russian gas to Europe is now broken and most likely won’t be repaired til next summer at the earliest.

Who did it?

Why would Russia blow up their own pipeline when they can turn it on or off with valves they control? Obviously the Russians would not blow up their own gas pipeline.

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Germany would not blow up their energy lifeline. It will be a long cold winter for Germany this year.

The US has both motive and the capability to sabotage the Nord Stream pipeline. In fact, remember who threatened the pipeline even before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Biden, ” We will bring an end to it”


War monger puppet masters want war to distract form the impending Democrat doom of the 2022 midterm elections.

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Don’t put it past the Deep State to go as far as instigate World War Three so they can keep control of their power. They would rather reign over ashes and keep their control then give it up.

We don’t know for sure if the US destroyed the Russian pipeline, but the Biden regime has the motive, the means and the opportunity to pull it off. Could this be a false flag? Everything has been fake, why not this?

Now we know who Biden’s been trying to shake hands with all along.




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