Blue City Blues

Many liberal-run cities on the west coast are becoming centers of squalor.

 It’s gotten so bad in some areas that it rivals some of the worst third-world cities. Open drug use takes place on the streets, where discarded drug needles abound. Human feces must be stepped around. Homeless and aggressive panhandlers harass citizens for handouts. Car burglaries have become commonplace. 

Millions of dollars are thrown at the homeless problem and it only gets worse. Free money given to them by the tax payers is wasted on drugs. The cities are sanctuaries for hordes of illegal aliens, who are here to get free stuff and scoff at the law. The socialists promise utopia, but instead they turn clean, prosperous cities into hell holes.

The progressives are making progress, though. Plastic straws have now been banned in many urban areas.

—Ben Garrison

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