A Tribute to Geert Wilders

A Tribute to Geert Wilders I drew this cartoon earlier this week in the anticipation that Geert Wilders might win ...

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Le Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Kudos to France’s Marine Le Pen. She refused to don the veil—a headscarf—as a requirement to meet with a Muslim ...

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A New Game in Town

A New Game in Town It's very encouraging. The world may be shocked, but too bad. The world is used ...

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Europe, the Globalist Edition 

Europe, the Globalist Edition If I ever make a trip overseas, will  Europe be recognizable if Islam continues to gain ...

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Bags of Soros

It’s not Halloween yet, but here’s a scary cartoon. George Soros is a monster and so I drew him as ...

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Abandon Ship, Brexit, Great Britain’s Escape from the EU

It’s time for Great Britain to escape from the disaster that is the European Union. I sum things up in ...

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