‘Dark Brandon’ Takes A Vacation

Cartoon published 08/11/2023

Apparently Biden is seeking another $24 billion for Ukraine from Congress.

Joe wants to transfer still yet another another giant tranche of cash to Ukraine in order to keep the meat grinder of war twirling. The endless billions in taxpayer money gets wasted on death, destruction, and corruption while Americans deal with one of its big side effects: Inflation.

War and inflation are twin pillars on which sleepy Joe ties his vacation hammock. An old man such as Biden needs regular rest, ya know.

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Biden is one of our all-time worst presidents. Joe seems bent on America’s destruction as he services his masters: The globalist oligarchy, globalist corporations, and globalist bankers. More and more Americans are seeing him for the shuffling disaster that he is and Joe should be easily driven out of office in a rout…but no, he will comfortably run his campaign out of his basement, on the beach, or on the bicycle path (if he can keep pedaling). Meanwhile he peddles his green, woke, and downright evil agenda for America. Joe tells us that sexually mutilating children is a wonderful, ‘gender affirming’ thing only underlines that evil. Joe tells us that ‘Bidenomics’ is working by means of distorting economic data. Joe sends his DOJ and FBI storm troopers to attack his main political rival. Joe loves the idea of a banana republic in which one party—the Marxist Democrats, control everything.

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As for my former friends on the far left, they are delighted with Biden’s inroads made into their woke, socialist la-la land, but they also have to constantly be checking on their whacky echo chamber to make sure it remains well-sealed. Those expressing outrage over Biden’s obvious and outrageously traitorous pay-for-play corruption are called “conspiracy theorists.” The left says this without hint of irony. Have they all forgotten the endless attacks on Trump (Russia Russia Russia!) based on no evidence at all? They all see Joe as in a kindly, avuncular, warm-hearted president who does his best to improve the country, even as their blue cities collapse into drug-addled, garbage-strewn tent cities. Progressives say loving things about Joe such as, “He may be old, but he means well and he’s getting a lot done! He’s making progress!” Like Franklin D. Roosevelt, he has the best interest of the American people at heart. Yes, they actually compare him to their beloved FDR. Get another patch ready for your echo chamber, boys—don’t let any dangerous reality seep in!


It’s risible to think that Joe actually cares about anything other than lining his and his family’s pockets. Joe doesn’t care about the American people. At all. Joe is doing his best to crush the middle class. Joe is a black-hearted sadistic criminal who enjoys spewing giant whoppers and abusing the American people. He even took the ‘FJB’ Brandon meme and put it on a coffee mug for sale. Joe sees evil as being strong and charismatic. It’s good to be evil, right Joe? Meanwhile he continues to mumble and bumble his way toward our destruction.

— Ben Garrison

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