Democrats take a Dive into a shallow Pool

Tina Toon Cartoon published 02/24/2024  

The Democrats are diving toward disaster and they know it. They are committed and can’t turn back. Joe Biden is their candidate and he has dementia. They can pretend that Joe is alert and on the case, but Americans can see through such gaslighting. Joe’s far-left policies are a disaster. Joe’s poll numbers are a disaster. Joe is a disaster.

There aren’t many candidates out there who can replace Biden. The candidate pool is small—there are no alternatives who can offer Trump a challenge. Sure, they all seem to want Gavin Newsom. Jake Tapper slobbered all over Gavin in a recent interview. Newsom is like Biden, only he can tell lies clearer and faster. Gavin ruined California so he might be a good fit since the Democrats seem bent on ruining America.

There are still people who think Michelle Obama will shoulder her way in and take the convention’s nomination. ‘Big Mike’ represents eight more years for Barack. We hope she does run—it will make for some fun cartoons.

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Last and least is Kamala Harris, who is universally hated even by her own staff—and the turnover has been amazing. Her staff doesn’t like her. Nobody likes her. Nobody will vote for her. Nobody wants to listen to her as she chuckles out her strange three word cadences and nasal whine.

Yes, the pool is very shallow, but the Democrats have no choice but to dive in.

— The GrrrTeam

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