Democrat Strong Arm Tactics- Tina Toon

Cartoon published 05/20/2023

The FBI serves the Bolshevik Democrat Party. That much is now clear.

The question is, will anyone from the FBI be punished for election interference while brazenly attacking the Democrats’ political enemies? (Home raids on Donald Trump, Roger Stone, and Christians opposed to abortion, etc). Of course not! The FBI will not be punished at all even though they deserve to be completely broken up. Instead, those in the FBI who carry out illegal acts for the Democrats will be rewarded with bonuses and promotions.

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Whistleblowers from within the FBI will continue to be crushed. Those opposed to election theft by Democrats will be harassed and locked up without due process. The FBI will continue to infiltrate the righteously angry in an undercover manner and set them up for arrest.

We know the FBI had four different cases open against the Clintons. All of those investigations were shut down by 2016 under orders from corrupt FBI leaders. They have become a rogue institution. They may insist upon the respect they might have had a few decades ago, but everyone now knows the FBI are no longer investigating crime. They are covering up crime. They have become criminals themselves. They do not answer to Congress or the American people. The FBI is now there to protect the interests of the Bolshevik Democrat Party.

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The Democrats are doing what Bolsheviks always do—they want their political enemies harassed, locked up, and destroyed. The leaders in the old Soviet Union used the NKVD and later KGB to crush dissent. The US Bolshevik Democrats are now using the FBI as their muscle. They use force because they lack any moral standing. Americans do not want to cooperate with their Marxist ‘equity’ along with the woke ‘trans’ and ‘climate change’ nonsense. The Democrats have very weak and unpopular policies. They want endless war, wide open borders, and a submissive population. They also want massive inflation, which is leading to the end of the middle class. The Marxist Democrats desire the destruction of American culture.

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Increasingly, the Democrats are willing to use force and fear to get their way. The FBI is all-too willing to cooperate.

Abolish the FBI and the rest of the Alphabet agencies! 

— The GrrrTeam

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