Disney’s Cluster Bombers

Cartoon published 07/11/2023

The Walt Disney Corporation is on a losing streak. They’ve lost nearly one billion dollars on their last nine movies combined. They are looking at a 70% drop in box office revenue over the last four years. 

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They are losing to films such as “Sound Of Freedom,” a current  box office hit that was made by Santa Fe Films with only 1/20th of the budget of Disney’s latest “Indiana Jones” film. The latter was meant to be a summer blockbuster. Instead, it is another huge bust for Disney. Indiana Jones was made into a pathetic figure—probably because he was a strong, heroic, and resourceful white male—and that’s not compatible with the globalist’s anti-straight white male agenda. Nobody wants to see a beloved franchise hero getting humiliated by a rudely obnoxious female. Disney also destroyed ‘Star Wars’ with similar woke methods. How can the experts at Disney not have known that nobody wants to see their heroes ruined? People are starting to avoid all things Disney, just like they are avoiding Bud Light beer.


Nobody wanted to see Disney’s “Strange World,” which featured a teenaged gay love story. Parents want their children entertained, not indoctrinated. That 2022 film lost Disney nearly 200 million dollars. Go woke; go broke. 

Disney acquired successful companies including Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Marvel—but now, because of their woke agenda, they’ve turned those money-making franchises into money-hemorrhaging serial failures. Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, has earned the ire of both moviegoers and shareholders alike. (An exception may be the woke-pushing BlackRock, which owns over 6 percent of Disney). It’s time for Iger to abandon woke-ism and make films that families actually want to see.

Disney needs to keep politics, propaganda, and social engineering out of their movies. Right now they’re making Walt Disney spin in his grave. 

— The GrrrTeam

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