Dragging McCarthy Kicking And Screaming To The Impeachment Inquiry

Cartoon published 09/13/2023

It took a couple of well placed kicks to the Speaker’s RINO butt by Rep. Matt Gaetz to get an impeachment inquiry started against the most corrupt President in American history, Joe Biden.

Just eleven days earlier Speaker Kevin McCarthy had said there was no evidence to start the impeachment process, despite dump truck loads of evidence being deposited in front of McCarthy’s nose.

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Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida finally had enough and stated that the Republican Speaker of the House was, “out of compliance” and threatened to remove McCarthy from his position. Under new House rules, it only takes one member of Congress, from either party, to bring a ‘motion to vacate’ which forces a vote on removing the Speaker of the House.

Speaker McCarthy then quickly announced that he is directing the House committees to open an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden.

Goes to show you that you have to drag the RINO establishment kicking and screaming toward doing the right thing and benefiting the American people. Otherwise the GOP leadership is content to sit on their RINO butts and issue sternly worded letters and concerned ‘tweets’ to appear like they are doing something to stop the escalating destruction of  the Republic by the Marxist Democrats.

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After McCarthy announced the start of the impeachment inquiry of President Joe ‘Treason’ Biden, Senator Chuck Schumer rushed out and stated the Republicans were only impeaching diaper Joe because of political revenge and called the impeachment inquiry a “witch hunt.”

Are you kidding me? This is coming from the party that indicts their political opponents for any made up charge they can invent. Their hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness is stunning. We can expect more Democrats to step up and howl about how horrible the impeachment of Biden is and how it will destroy ‘our democracy.’

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Speaker McCarthy also stated that Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) will lead the inquiry in coordination with Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO).

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Let’s hope the Republicans grow a set and show the country what a real impeachment looks like—not a phony one made up of nonsense the Democrats used in order to harass President Trump. The traitorous criminals that have cheated their way into positions of power (and then abused that power) must be held accountable.

The American people expect no less.


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