Fani Willis’ credibility is destroyed. You Better Belize it.

Cartoon published 02/15/2024

Fani Willis and her boyfriend Wade took lovely vacations to Aruba, Belize and Florida. Amazingly, all on the same continent—although Fani wouldn’t know that.

Much was revealed at the evidentiary hearing about alleged misconduct of Soros-backed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis as the judge weighs evidence on whether Willis should be disqualified from the Trump RICO case. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fani Willis “financially benefited” from a romantic relationship with Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade.

“I think it’s clear that disqualification can occur if evidence is produced demonstrating an actual conflict or the appearance of one,” Judge McAfee said in Monday’s hearing. “The state has admitted a relationship existed. And so what remains to be proven is the existence and extent of any financial benefit, again if there even was one. And so because I think its possible that the facts alleged by the defendant could result in disqualification, I think an evidentiary hearing must occur to establish the record on those core allegations.”

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Fani Willis took the witness stand on Thursday, and she was hostile, arrogant, and showed her intelligence as she could not name the continent that Belize was located on. She also revealed a taste for ‘Grey Goose’ vodka and stashing stacks of cash in her home. Her boyfriend, Nathan Wade, also took the stand and testified under oath that he paid for all the vacations he took with Fani Willis and Fani reimbursed him in CASH for expenses. No one bothered to keep the receipts.

Fani’s credibility was destroyed because she lied to the court. Therefore, she should be disqualified.

Fani takes the stand once again on Friday morning. Considering what happened on Thursday, Friday should be very interesting.

—The Grrr Team 

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