2019 was a momentous year for us at GrrrGraphics.

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of creating editorial cartoons with our “Big Book Of Ben Garrison Cartoons,” which was a huge success!

In May, we sent the ‘Big Book’ off for printing. All signed and numbered copies were sold out, so we decided to publish a smaller and more affordable book, “Orange Man Good.” It was another resounding success.

The cartoons in the past bought me nothing but lost commercial work and the misery of hate mail and trolling, but our supporters made sure we rode a wave of success since the 2016 election.

It’s humbling and amazing at the same time and I can’t thank everyone enough. By everyone, I mean those who sent us emails that expressed support. Those who bought our signed books and prints. Those who contributed coffee money (it sure added up!) Those who bought original cartoons. Those who donated money for the cause. Those who commissioned cartoons. So many people have been extremely generous and we still can’t get over it. We’re now able to draw the cartoons on a full time basis and that’s something I always thought was an impossibility. So thank you all again! See? I told you—I can’t thank you enough!

When I started out I faced tremendous hurdles including years of trolling and hijacked cartoons. It caused me a lot of anger and worry, but by 2019 that was all in the past. With the help of Tina, I recaptured my own voice and put to rest any notion that I was anti-Semitic or racist. Then I got invited to the White House. You all know what happened then—the ADL stepped in and made sure I was disinvited. They claimed I drew anti-Semitic cartoons—a vicious lie. Shortly thereafter my Wikipedia page was changed and it said I drew anti-Semitic and racist cartoons.

More lies.

We have a surprise in store for the smear merchants in 2020- stay tooned!

So now, it’s onto our top 10 cartoons of 2019!


  1. “No One Is Above The Law.” Pelosi and her fellow Democrats constantly repeated this mantra. So I drew a cartoon about it to illustrate their hypocrisy. Obviously too many of them are not only above the law, they also feel free to abuse it.


  1. “Commiekazi Attack.” I drew this cartoon as the impeachment rhetoric was being ramped up against Trump. To me, it signaled desperation among Democrats. They know they have no way to beat Trump later this year.


  1. “Xi The Pooh.” China’s president hated being compared to Winnie the Pooh, so naturally I draw him as such every chance I get. Trump has been the first president to push back against China’s abusive trade tactics. 


  1. “The Party’s Over.” The Mueller Report was a bust. The Democrats will be forced to pay the ‘Barr’ tab.


  1. “The Sunken Impeachment Ship.” The case for impeachment was sunk, but the Democrats refused to admit it. In fact, they went ahead with impeachment anyway. Full steam ahead toward another Trump presidency!


  1. ”Greta the Climate Change Brat.” This cartoon really triggered those on the left. How dare I draw a brat getting spanked by Mother Nature? This cartoon was banned by Facebook and resulted in Fakebook jail time for Tina!


  1. “Bull Durham.” I still have great hopes that the coup conspirators will be rounded up by John Durham.


  1. “Hook, Line, and Sinker.” Tina drew this cartoon showing the president easily reeling in the largemouth bass, Nadler. 


  1. “Dem’s Impeachment Out Of Ammo.” Pelosi’s House impeached the president based on nothing. She fired her cannon ball and it was a dud. They have nothing left.


  1. “The Smackdown.” This was commissioned by a Canadian Trump supporter and I had fun drawing it.


What was your favorite Ben Garrison cartoon of 2019?


Let me Know! Happy New Year!


—Ben Garrison

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