Goodbye 2023. Let’s hope 2024 is an improvement

Cartoon published 12/31/2023

The year 2023 wasn’t a very good year for nearly everyone. The mega billionaires got richer and more powerful—but they always have good years.

A new FoxNews poll showed 66% of the country thinks we are heading in the wrong direction. What’s wrong with the other 34%? Do they like third world hordes, inflation, stifling banana republic government and censorship? As long as it’s their team in control, it’s all good. Go Blue!  Yet this is no longer about Republican vs Democrats, this is about good vs. evil. Good must win or our Republic will be lost—and if America goes, it will also soon be over for the world. 2024 will be a critical year in America’s history. What we will witness will be course changing. Which will it be…The Great Awakening or the Great Reset?

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As the New Year is rung in around the globe, we are sharing some predictions for 2024. Let’s hope we don’t crack the crystal ball.

Tina’s Predictions for 2024:

1. Biden won’t cross the finish line in the 2024 election. He’s a dead weight. He’s dragging the Democrats down and Obama is not pleased. Look for a new, fresh face to pop up unexpectedly in the Democrat primary and it won’t be Moochelle or Gavin Nuisance. 

2. Will House Republican Speaker Johnson impeach Biden? I doubt it. We may get a sternly worded tweet or a finger wag instead. Remember Johnson was supposed to release the Jan 6th footage—all of it. That didn’t happen.

3. The Deep State lapdogs—Fake News—will become increasingly shrill. Watch them take gaslighting to levels never seen before as their hopes for Biden and Marxism begins crumbling around them.

4. Taylor Swift and her Vaccine Poster Boy will break up. Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs will breathe a sigh of relief.

5. Elon Musk will land on Mars and rename it Planet X.

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Ben’s Predictions for 2024:

1. To gain better poll numbers, Biden will send American troops into Ukraine. Joe will act like a brave hero and expect both parties to rally behind him. Lindsay Graham certainly will. Biden doesn’t care if he risks WWIII and nuclear annihilation for all of us. The most important thing for Joe is clinging to power in order to pardon his son, Hunter. People may be angry about Joe’s war, but their protests won’t be seen on corporate media, therefore they won’t exist. 

2. Climate change hucksters such as Al Gore and John Kerry will demand censorship for those who question the scam that is climate change. They must protect the human cattle from misinformation. You will think as you’re told! You will do as you’re told! The ruling oligarchy will continue to fly their private jets and live in splendor  while spewing as much carbon as they like because they are saving the Earth. How dare you!

3. The James Webb telescope will discover endless galaxies that prove the ‘big bang’ was more of an infinity bang. Neil deGrasse Tyson will claim he knew it all along. The bow tie wearing science guy, too.

4. Bill Gates, the most evil man on the planet, will launch another virus to make tens of billions of dollars in profit for himself while helping Joe. Bill’s government operatives will once again demand masks, testing, tracking, lockdowns, and mandatory vaccinations. Sadly, most people will fall in line just like last time because they are statists who consider government and ’the science’ to be god-like and not subject to questioning. The next plannedemic will help the Democrats steal the presidential election again—only this time it must be on a much greater scale because Joe is so despised. More voting machines will be hacked. Trump votes will be changed to votes for Biden. More ballot harvesting will take place. More mail-in ballots from who knows whom. Ballots on pallets will arrive in the dead of night—all votes for Joe. Maybe even the illegals will get to vote. The ruling oligarchy need this to happen because they are saving Democracy. (Their democracy, not yours). We are a constitutional Republic by the way, a Democracy is just mob rule. They don’t want you to know that!

5. The IRS will not attack billionaires or even millionaires. They will target the MAGA-minded middle class. If you are one of them, expect to get audited. If you don’t obey, you risk prosecution. If you are Christian you may even get swatted! You must pay your ‘fair share’ because the Biden administration needs more of your money to send to other countries. That money will be used to fund abortion and encourage the growth of the LBGTQWTF movements as well as sex change surgery for children everywhere. 

This year will most likely be quite unprecedented.  We must strive for the best and prepare for the worst. God didn’t bring us this far to abandon us at the precipice.

Get ready to take a bumpy and perhaps jarring ride into history. Be aware, be prepared and stay frosty!

Happy New Year!

—Ben and Tina

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