January 6 Lies Exposed

Cartoon published 03/09/2023

Tucker Carlson released January 6th footage which revealed the so-called ‘insurrection’ was not an insurrection at all.

It was largely a peaceful protest. The Trump supporters who entered the Capitol Dome that day arrived to protest a stolen presidential election. They mostly marched in orderly fashion and some even received help from the police. One protestor known as the ‘Q Shaman’ was accompanied by the police who acted as ‘tour guides.’ Compare the peaceful and unarmed January 6 protest to the violent, destructive conflagrations put on by Antifa and we find there is big difference. Antifa is a Marxist outfit and  the Democrats made sure they got away with their crimes.


You might wonder why the horn-wearing Shaman and Trump supporter, Jacob Chansley, plead guilty on the insurrection charges. The answer is simple. The Democrat prosecutors probably threatened him with 20 years for something such as threatening to kill Mike Pence (which he certainly did not do). Chansley settled for nearly 4 years in prison, which is grossly unfair because he lacked the exculpatory video evidence to which he and all the J6 protestors were entitled.

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Many Trump supporters were arrested for simply walking on Capitol grounds. They were welcomed there by FBI operatives. Doors were opened for them. For that, many hundreds were sent to prison—including a hell hole prison in Washington D.C. where they were denied due process and brutally beaten by guards who were trained to despise the MAGA-minded. The patriots who received long prison sentences should be considered political prisoners.

Carlson proved what we already knew: That the January 6th Select Committee was incredibly biased and anti-Trump. They cherry-picked footage and hired a movie director to put together clips that seemed to prove their drummed-up charges of a Trump-led insurrection.

 It was all lies.

The Committee members included two Republican—RINOs LIz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. All of the members gushed out lies. The Committee was not interested in allowing refutation. Theirs was Soviet-style kangaroo court and it was determined to get even with Trump and his supporters. Unfortunately for Trump’s supporters, they received the KGB treatment. This is what America has become. It’s a disgrace and outrage.

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Comically, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer demanded FoxNews censor Tucker Carlson for ‘the sake of Democracy.’  Democracy apparently means no free speech according to Schumer.

— Ben Garrison

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