Biden’s Presidential Portrait- Turning his back on America

Cartoon published 12/08/2023

Joe Biden once said his son Hunter was, “The smartest man I know.” He also said, “Hunter has done nothing wrong.” The former statement is Joe’s opinion. The latter is another one of Joe’s lies. Copious evidence proves Hunter has done plenty of wrong—he even shot footage of himself committing crimes (illegal drug use, prostitution, pedophilia, and speeding while high on drugs).

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Now Hunter is being indicted on nine counts of income tax crime—three of the charges are felonies. During his father’s vice presidency, Hunter magically raked in millions of dollars for doing….nothing. He falsified one return and failed to report millions on another. He was no doubt too busy spending the money on expensive clothes, lodgings, strippers, and drugs. The latest charges against Hunter may be warning for ’the big guy.’  Hunter was protected for years. He was shielded by the FBI, then by his dad’s DOJ, as well as the regime media. Now that shield is being pulled away. The so-called ‘power elite’ at the top of the pyramid could be signaling Joe’s end. He’ll probably be replaced by Gavin Newsom.

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Hunter raked in millions of dollars through peddling the family ‘brand’ — his father’s political office. He did nothing to earn such cash other than by means of selling his father’s influence. Hunter’s paintings were a form of money laundering.

Joe once claimed Hunter didn’t make money in China. Another lie. Hunter made millions. Hunter brought in money not only from China, but also from Ukraine, Romania, and other countries. It’s no wonder Joe allowed a Chinese spy balloon to slowly drift across America. It also explains the degradation of our military and the open borders as well as the ‘green’ nonsense that has helped ruin our economy.

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Joe claimed in Sergeant Shultz-like manner that he knew nothing of his son’s business dealings, yet testimony revealed Joe knew all about Hunter’s activities. He met with Hunter’s business partners and associates. He made phone calls to them and photo evidence showed him shoulder to shoulder with Hunter’s connections. Joe is a shameless and colossal liar. Joe knows we all know he’s lying, but he continues to lie.

The Biden family set up many different shell corporations to filter money and help hide evidence of their crime, but it’s obvious what has been going on: Joe has sold out America to benefit himself and his family. The Biden family is crooked and ‘big guy’ Joe is the head crook.

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Joe Biden is a traitor. He will continue to spew his lies and stonewall—there’s nothing else he can do. He certainly won’t answer questions about his family’s criminal enterprise. Instead, he will continue to abruptly wheel around and show us the back of his imperious head. How many times have we seen him show his back as he walks stiffly away while reporters shout questions? He’s a sadist who enjoys showing his contempt. Nobody messes with a Biden!

The back of Joe’s head is emblematic of his criminal presidency. He has turned his back on America.

— Ben Garrison

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