Joe In The Box

Cartoon published 05/14/2023

Supposedly Biden and McCarthy are still in talks about raising the government’s $31.4 trillion debt ceiling. They need to do this to avoid a government default. Without bills being paid, the government and their services will shut down. Can you imagine Congress, the White House, and all the agencies shut down? It sounds great, but the US also has a lot of entitlement spending that needs to be addressed. People will get very angry if they do not receive their Medicare, Social Security, pensions, and so on. The military and the military industrial complex depend on government spending. Everyone wants what’s coming to them. 

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The debt ceiling is all a façade. It’s theater. Of course the debt ceiling will be raised. Of course spending won’t be cut. Politicians love taxing and spending. It’s the source of their power. They won’t allow their power to be shut down.

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Biden is a joke and it would be nice to see the debt ceiling stop him and his fellow Democrats from spending on useless programs such as the New Green Deal. It would be nice if funding to the endless Ukraine blood bath be cut off, but that won’t happen. The Republicans love to put up a big show of fiscal responsibility, but they will cave. 

— Ben Garrison

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