Ok so I just encountered an article that truly made me laugh and cringe at the same time.

Picture this: A Harry Potter theme park plus a SJW

What could possibly go wrong?

Aren’t theme parks there for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoyment?

Are they not there to provide fun and excitement?

So what could possibly go wrong?

Well, it didn’t take long for the whole experience to go “Riddikulus.”

On one bright and sunny day, with all the children flicking their wands, and all the parents guiding their children onto the rides, you have one SJW to ruin it all.

She could not fit into the ride. She was too fat.

For safety precautions, the staff prevented her from riding. They didn’t want her to get hurt.

“Fat shaming!” she screams. “Your rides need to accommodate “people of size”, this isn’t fair!”

And then this SJW decides to write a full article describing how theme parks shame fat people, and that even the Harry Potter books fat shame as well.

You may read the full article here.

So basically, we can just get as fat as we want, without any personal responsibility, any self-respect, without any consequences. And then just expect the world to accommodate us, serve us, and bow down to us.

This delusional thinking only comes from the Left.

How dare they lose weight! How dare the world cater to normal sized people! There needs to be rides with seats the size of pick-up beds that comes with all the basic necessities: slurpees, CNN, and problem glasses dispensers.

This entitled thinking only comes from the Left.

They want everything to be equal. They want everything to be safe, non-offensive, with an easy, peaceful world.

Here’s the truth: The world is not easy. The world is not peaceful.

If you strip a world of all its challenges and strife you also strip yourself of personal responsibility, self-respect, and consequences.

This is something that the Left enjoys, and also uses this philosophy to heed you from becoming an individual who thinks for his or herself.

So why diet when the world accommodates you? Why learn when the government thinks for you?

Wouldn’t you feel bad if you couldn’t fit in a ride?

Did she go on a diet? No. Did she hit the gym? No. Did she stop eating that bag of Cheetos? Absolutely not. She decided to write a post online to say that is the equivalent of being kicked out of a theme park because of her race.

She writes: “Exclusion and shame are not motivational techniques (oh yeah, don’t go on that diet!) they’re forms of bullying. Exclusion makes me, a logical and educated person, believe that I’m at fault for not fitting into this ride instead of recognizing that rides should accommodate all people’s bodies. Apply this thinking to race or gender discrimination or disabled accessibility, and you have yourself the hot stew we’re in today.”

Yes, you’re very logical there.

Apparently wishing to have a healthy size is bad. Instead, the world needs to bow down to you and your 400 plus pound frame.

This is just one example of their crusade toward socialism—where everyone becomes equal, free speech is gone, and free thinking is deleted.

That’s why it’s very important to fight back.

Anything can be construed as hate speech. Any physically challenging obstacle can be called “body shaming” even if it’s just simple stairs.

Our whole world will be torn down with SJWs calling the shots.

They determine what’s right and wrong, and what’s good and bad.

A healthy salad could be an object of hate, because you think that you’re better than them, therefore shaming them, and making them feel bad.

That’s why it’s very important to stand up to these people.

It’s time to call them out with facts, reason and the truth. The world is not your “safe space”.

Ian Garrison

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