Men Then And Now, and Women Then And Now: How Our Culture Has Drastically Shifted In 20 Years

While Dollar Shave Club continues to show modern day men as obese slobs who eat bacon in a bathtub, Schlick has embraced the opposite role: embracing some slick Schick feministic marketing.

Ah symbolism, the perfect “get the message across” type of marketing for rather (ahem) intimate subjects. But one question arises: dear god why are you advertising bush trimming on nation-wide broadcasting? Are we not concerned with dignity anymore? What about privacy? Well, I suppose not, because by God, it is my right—and quit oppressing me dammit! If I want to watch a commercial that strikes up bush shaving in front of my entire family and children, I shall do so! You would think most normal women want to keep their private behaviors and actions to themselves . . . and why would a razor company show that of all things? Haven’t all women’s shaving products been about leg shaving? I mean, a hair’s a hair right? Schick is doing this to make a point. It’s really in your face now, and if you make any sort of comment whatsoever, you’re called a misogynist, sexist, and some sort of “phobe.”

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Because well, you’re a man, and your opinion is 100% offensive in any situation, circumstance, or regard. While there is nothing wrong with promoting products geared for women, the lack of respect for men is disturbing and continues to fall. Not all men shave their favorite team’s letters in their chest hair. In fact, most men do not. From a man who is writing this, the men who DO shave their team’s letters in their chest hair, are usually the ones who have lost a bet. And the guy eating bacon in a bathtub? I mean c’mon, really? And what about diversity? Inclusion? Every single man on the new Dollar Shave Club commercial is white. But I guess showing a fat black man in a bathtub eating bacon would be racist? This leaves a burning question: why show all white men in such a bad light?

It used to not always be this way. Just twenty years ago, men were shown in traditional masculine roles.

Let’s pull a Gillette commercial from 1999.

Now that’s a cool commercial. Not only does it get the message across, it’s fun, happy, and confident.

One more thing: Let’s pull a women’s shaving commercial from Gillette aired in 1992.

Again, it gets the message across—a woman shaving her legs with a happy smile.

Times were simpler back then.

The lack of respect for men, especially white men, continues to fall.

Companies need to show more positive vibes toward white men. We are not disgusting people.

UPDATE: Politically correct #Gillette shows that for all of their social justice posturing, it’s still about money. Here’s their new $200 (!) heated razor. But is it hot enough to burn that male toxicity off a guy’s face?

Ian Garrison

Special post by Ian Garrison (Ben Garrison’s son)

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