Valuable Lessons For Life In 2023

Special Post By Ian Garrison, Ben’s son

All too often in life we try to force things. If you look around you, nature never forces (not to be confused with forces of nature) but rather nature adapts. Often this takes time, and it’s that time part that most of us struggle with in life.

In a world of instant gratification, all of us, including myself, become extremely impatient. We want results, and we want results now.

If we don’t get those results, then we look elsewhere, and if we don’t get them there, then we keep on looking. Oddly enough, this becomes a  self-fulfilling prophecy of never being happy. Our own impatience gives birth to constant, never ending searches for what we think will give us a perfect life. We keep searching and searching and if we don’t have it now, then I will scream in frustration, because I want the perfect life, and I want it now.

Impatience often leads to desperation. And desperate people are scary, aren’t they? They always try to force things—whether with their finances, their pets, with their love lives, or just trying to have that perfect life.

Forcing it leads to inevitable disaster and will push you hard against the dark walls of resentment, depression, anger, and loneliness, with or without your loved ones. To force things, one must be deeply rooted in emotion.

But there is nothing wrong with emotion. Emotion is what makes us human. Rather than forcing things with emotion, we must learn from nature itself. We must learn to adapt and solve our problems. There’s no way around it—this will take time. Yet adaptation is so much stronger than sheer force.

For example, let’s take one of my favorite animals, the Tarsier. To exist, it must cope with the night’s sky by having eyes bigger than its brain. Without adapting to the night, it would not be able to see at night, and would not be able to detect the predators trying to eat it. We must learn to adapt as well. To do this correctly in our lives, we must bend with the turns, flow with the go, and understand that life is not perfect. Nature isn’t perfect. Neither are we.

We must learn to treat our affection towards others and ourselves as a living thing, because well, it is.

All living things grow, and all living things adapt. We have to adapt to get the most out of life and flow with life itself. Twists and turns are there to challenge us, not to throw us off. Adaptation is change, and change is a natural process.

We should not be afraid of change, no matter how scary it is, how hard it is, or how unknown.

Change can either be associated with growth or decay.

Unfortunately, decay is the easiest; a change associated with bad decisions, negativity, and self-pity. I know this myself, because I spent some of my life in a dark and lonely spot, and I know how hard it is, to break that cycle.

Due to decay, we find ourselves trying to escape, rather than make it better. Escaping through alcoholism. Escaping through eating. Depression. Anxiety. Suicide. The vicious cycles of decay only want one thing: our souls.

Do not let that vicious cycle take your soul. You, just like me, and everybody on Earth, are the beautiful creatures of God, and God loves you, no matter what. The love that lives on this planet is too beautiful and too special.

How do we make our lives better? Well, we must grow.

During my change, the change of growth, I discovered several valuable lessons.

Here they are:


  1. The Bible is your best friend
  2. God created us, He loves us, so love yourself and treat others in your life with kindness and love.
  3. Improve yourself with i.e. art, literature, music, appreciate life itself
  4. Change is a natural process, embrace it, don’ fear it.
  5. Always grow, never decay and go backwards.

Special post by Ian Garrison (Ben Garrison’s son)

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Happy 2023. Stay warm. Stay kind. Stay hopeful.