MAGA In The Bronx

Cartoon published 05/25/2024

The Bronx cheer turned out to be rousing applause for President Trump. A giant crowd of supporters turned out for his rally in New York City. Many salty tears were shed by the left as they struggled not to panic when 25,000 strong made their way to the Trump rally.

New York’s hated Governor, Kathy Hochul, called people who went to the rally, “clowns.”  The fact that she is the biggest clown in the state of New York was lost on her. We still remember her tyrannical mandates during the plannedemic. She’s another tinpot wanna-be dictator trying to intimidate the citizens.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tried to will a rain storm on the rally and praised God for early showers on the site, but soon God smiled and the skies cleared. The sun shone brightly upon President Trump’s supporters. People from AOC’s district showed up to support 45 in droves. The leftists on X (Twitter) posted pictures of the Trump rally, saying hardly three thousand people showed up. They forgot to mention that the photos were taken 6 hours before the rally was scheduled to begin. Not only did people show up from all over New York, they showed up black, brown, white, all colors and creeds of people were there to support the former President.

In fact, Ruben Diaz Sr., a Democrat and former member of the New York City Council, officially endorsed Trump at the rally. Commenting on the beautiful weather, Diaz, a Pentecostal minister, told Trump on stage, “Even God wants you in the Bronx!”


President Trump had 25,000 people show up to his rally in a deep blue city in a deep blue state. Joe Biden couldn’t even draw flies. Well, maybe, depending on his Depends changing schedule!

The Democrats are trying to put forth a stoic face, but we all know inside, they are panicking.

Will New York turn red? Only time will tell!

—The GrrrTeam

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