Make the First Lady Great Again Part II

Cartoon published 07/08/2024

In 2016 Ben drew a cartoon for our subscribers, and he called it “Make the First Lady Great Again.”  The cartoon featured Michelle Obama and Donald Trump’s beautiful wife, Melania Trump. The cartoon was not supposed to be published, but being the little instigator that I am, I went ahead and posted it on Twitter, now Elon Musk’s X. The hullabaloo that ensued was breathtaking to behold because that simple little cartoon struck a chord. The collectivist left became triggered and claimed the cartoon was racist. Ben received a mountain of hate mail, but the cartoon was not racist. It was funny.

Michelle has been rumored to be ‘trans’ and the trans fad started under Obama, and there’s plenty of evidence to back up the rumor that he is gay.

Fast forward to 2024 and another president election. Donald Trump is once again running against ‘Captain Ice Cream,’ otherwise known as Joe Biden. President Trump is actually running against Jill Biden—a power mad and greedy woman who is Joe’s wife and handler. Jill, the former babysitter, is still a babysitter to dementia-addled Joe Biden and she calls the shots.

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One thing Jill never called is a fashion adviser as she has worn the most ghastly and tacky outfits ever seen in the White House. From the blue ‘depends’ dress to her street walker black fishnet stockings, her fashion choices have been a total disaster, just like her husband’s presidency.

Jill Biden’s fashion ‘crimes’ pale in comparison with her husband’s crimes against the American people. They don’t call them the Biden ‘crime family’ for nothing. Jill plays a big part in the Biden presidency and is pretty much running Joe along with Hunter’s help as ‘advisor.’

Melania Trump was an elegant and lovely First Lady, who loved her country just as much as her husband. The left snubbed Melania many times and she was never given a front page cover on Vogue like Jill. Melania never complained and just kept on being a gracious and stunning First Lady with impeccable taste.

Let’s ‘Make the First Lady Great Again!’  All of us together must do whatever we can to make sure President Trump wins in November.

—The GrrrTeam

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