SJW University cartoon by Ben Garrison


“I am 18 and I go to a college in California. I have a humanities class and today we were talking about feminism and I genuinely was curious and asked, “What rights do men have that women do not?” Keep in mind I did not attack them, I just simply asked. Six girls all started screaming at me and at the same time talking about wage gap and getting raped. One girl excused herself from the room because she needed a moment. Everyone’s voice overpowered me and the teacher did nothing. Feminism is cancer.”

Will Bertttt The Red Pill

Conservative men are being silenced on campus.

And quite frankly, men in general.

The feminism takeover is very real—they have even altered the spelling of women to “wymym” because the spelling of “man” is offensive.

Logical discussions have been replaced by hysterical shouting and finger pointing.

Rational debates have been replaced by mob rule.

Personal opinions have been replaced with hate speech.

College classrooms, once places of hard work and study, are now reduced to “everyone is bad and you should have yours, so why even study.”

But this does not apply to men.

Men are silenced.

Men are ignored.

And professors do absolutely nothing.


Well either:

A: the professors themselves are frightened.

B: they encourage it.

The mighty SJW feminist has all the power on campus, and can at will, take down anything and anyone who stands in her way. She can get professors fired, men expelled, and even eliminate guest speakers who may “offend her” at any moment or “scare her” with man-spreading.

The mighty SJW feminist also has the power of manipulation and control. She knows her opinion in the classroom trumps everything—even basic logic. This frightens professors. All it would take would be one different yet “extremely offensive” opinion to shatter their careers.

Which, in our 18-year-old friend’s case, is exactly what happened. The teacher did nothing.

And the question wasn’t even hurtful. He stated a question and wanted to start an intelligent discussion and debate—you know something that has happened at college for hundreds of years—to bring to the table in his humanities class.

Oh god no, we can’t have that! A debate? Nope sorry, this is SJW territory son! Higher education is meaningless. We came here to be told that the white man is the root of all evil and the source of all our problems.

The SJW rules supreme.

The Feminist SJW is queen.

And her attitude is the final say.

Her attitude is as follows:

Why study Chem and Bio when we can just take Gender Studies and earn 4.0s? Why learn Calculus when we can just take Equality 101 and become valedictorians?

Why study? Why do it all? Why learn it all?

We are just going bitch once we are out of college and get that sweet job with that 100K salary.

Oh and that man with fifteen years under his belt? We own you too. We can get you fired for missing your lunch date with your wife. Because her feelings were hurt and that’s a good enough reason to get you fired.

In fact, we own this world. We are now in charge of what you say, do, and act.

Bow down to us. Worship us.

This entitled thinking will lead us to two things: socialism and communism.

And ultimately, the destruction of America.

Why is socialism so important to these people? For what reason? Why?

When I see socialism, I see starvation and hatred.

Guns will be gone.

Free speech will be gone.

All because of what? People’s feelings?

Hate speech will become rampant. Anyone in any country can be offended by anything.

This is already happening in our college systems. Simple questions are shut down—but only from conservatives, and most notably, conservative white males.

So, how do we stop this?

How do we become the America we once knew? How do we make America great again? How do we get America back?

We have to fight back.

We have to fight back and stop this madness that has taken hold and infected America’s soul.

This won’t be easy. But we have to. We must.

We have to protect our rights: The First Amendment, The Second Amendment, all of them.

We have to protect them because they are slowly eroding.

Twitter and Facebook are censoring free speech.

SJWs are screaming for gun control.

We have to fight back against this madness.

It’s time to make America great again.


Ian Garrison

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