Pick A Side- Tina Toon

Cartoon published 11/07/2023

Democrats are in a fix. The radical pro Hamas wing of the party is supporting Gaza, and at the same time other members of the Democrat party are supporting Israel. The Democrat party is tearing itself in two.

David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, realized that the Arabs would never make peace with Israel. After all, he acknowledged that the Arabs had their land stolen. When the state of Israel was created, the Arabs instantly attacked them. The Arab attacks against Israel have not ceased since its creation—and often Israel expanded their territory after their victories, thus making more violence inevitable.

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The Palestinians might have a legitimate beef, but they make it much worse on themselves by launching vicious attacks on Israeli men, women, and children. The latest surprise attack from Hamas was particularly inhuman and heinous, but predictably they immediately began using Palestinian civilians and children as shields against the inevitable Israeli counterattack. After they attack Israel, Hamas immediately paints Israel as the aggressor and ‘occupier.’  Palestinians refused to vacate areas that Israel intended to attack. Israel gave them plenty of warnings which were ignored. Hamas showcases dead Palestinians—especially children—in order to sway world opinion to their side while demonizing Israel. It always seems to work. The world leaders pressure Israel into a cease fire. Then the attacks from Hamas happen once again, and the cycle of violence and hatred gets reinforced over and over again.

This is one of the reasons Reagan withdrew troops from the Middle East after suicide bombers attacked the US Marine barracks in Lebanon, killing 241 Americans. At the time the withdrawal was controversial, but in retrospect it was a wise move. The United States has no business meddling in the tribal disputes there—we use the word ’tribal’ because it has been proved that Palestinians and Jews share certain DNA markers.

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On Monday Barack Obama pontificated on how we all share the blame. He said “Nobody’s hands are clean.” Obama’s hands are particularly dirty. He bragged about how good he was at killing people as his drones murdered countless people throughout the Middle East and in Afghanistan. For his bloody work he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama also questioned Israel’s very existence. He said “…The occupation, and what is happening to Palestinians, is unbearable.” It’s almost as if Obama would like to see Palestine defeat Israel—and in fact we know that Barack sent billions of dollars to Iran, perhaps Israel’s biggest threat. The mullahs used the money to arm their proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas. Obama’s generous nuclear deal with Iran only underlined Barack’s weakness.

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All those far-lefties on American college campuses now supporting the Palestinian ‘cause’ should realize what that cause is. The Palestinians want to drive all Jews out ‘from the river to the sea.’ That means they want to murder every single Jew and completely destroy Israel. That’s also unbearable, Barry.

Many far-left radical Democrats now side with Palestine. Radical Rep. Tlaib tweets out her support for Hamas over nine times, and accuses Biden of ‘genocide.’  This has to be a big surprise and a bigger embarrassment to the open borders, ‘green’ president, Joe Biden. He’s making Jewish voters angry by funding Palestine. That money will not be used for humanitarian purposes—it will go into the pockets of Hamas.

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He’s also alienating Muslim voters by giving billions of dollars more to Israel. That will cost him Muslim votes. All of this is not helping Joe’s poll numbers and that’s good because his renewed occupation of the White House would be unbearable. 

We at GrrrGraphics are anti-war and unless it’s thrust directly upon the USA. Otherwise we should steer clear of foreign entanglements and tribal conflicts—especially ones that will never find an end. Ronald Reagan had the right idea. Get out and stay out. America should not be the world’s policeman. 

— The GrrrTeam

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