Bonus Cartoon, Red Pill Expo 2023

Cartoon published 08/03/2023

It’s time for another great Red Pill Expo event, which is hosted by Red Pill University. Their goal is to help people learn how the world really works by means of knowledgeable truth seekers who deliver riveting, fact-based presentations. This year the event takes place in Iowa at the Holiday Inn Des Moines Airport Conference center on August 12th through the 13th.

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A few years ago I traveled to the Red Pill Expo held in Rapid City, South Dakota. It was a long, long, LONG drive from western Montana, but well worth the trip. Not only did I get to see Mount Rushmore in person, but also G. Edward Griffen, the author of a famous book on the Federal Reserve titled “The Creature from Jekyll Island.” My copy is heavily underlined. The speakers were all first-rate and I learned a lot.

If you live anywhere within range of Des Moines I recommend you attend. If it’s not possible to be there in person, tune in through an internet connection instead. You won’t regret it.

Check it out at the Red Pill Expo Homepage!

— Ben Garrison

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