The Top Cartoons of 2023, A Year in Review

Cartoon published 12/29/2023

We present to you a collection of some of the best cartoons we drew in 2023.

Only a few days remain in the year and it was a rough one for GrrrGraphics because Ben suffered serious medical issues. He had major surgery in May. If he had not had it, it’s doubtful he’d be alive right now. We’re confident a full recovery can be made, but meanwhile his treatments continue — immunotherapy for his remaining cancer. A side effect to that treatment has compromised his endocrine system and while he takes medicine for it, he still finds it difficult to concentrate. Ben wants to get back to full strength—he’ll need it for the turbulent year that will soon be upon us.

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We’re sure 2024 will be an even rougher time for our country. It’s a presidential election year and the Democrats and the Deep State Swamp have made it clear they do not want to relinquish power. They’ll use law-fare and any dirty trick to hold on to that power. The doddering Joe Biden is far behind in the polls. We could see wars started as a distraction. The Democrats are using the courts to keep Trump entangled in legal maneuvers to keep Trump away from the campaign trail. They will definitely cheat at the polls once again.

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The Democrats say Democracy is at stake, but what they are really doing is putting a stake in the heart of Democracy—our ability to elect those whom we see the most fit for office is being taken away from us.

So batten down the hatches. Make sure you are prepped and have some food, water, and ammo put aside for emergencies. Stay frosty!

Happy New Year!

— The GrrrTeam


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