Senate Fashion Follies

UPDATE: 09/28/2023

And just like that, the shorts are gone!

The Senate on Wednesday unanimously passed a bill that requires members to follow a dress code that will include a coat, tie, and slacks for men, ending controversy triggered over Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman displaying his casual style on the floor.

Cartoon published 09/25/2023

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer created an uproar recently when he announced senators could wear whatever they liked while on the Senate floor.

Many balked at the idea and derided it. Senator Susan Collins jokingly threatened to show up in the Senate wearing a bikini. Senator Rand Paul actually appeared wearing a red bathrobe to protest Schumer’s shabby announcement. We presume Senator Elizabeth Warren will show up in some sort of Pocahontas garb, since she has claimed many times to be a Native American, DNA tests be damned.

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The reason for Schumer’s decision was, of course, to allow the oversized slob of a Democrat Senator named John Fetterman to show up in the Senate’s hallowed halls wearing hoodies, casual shirts, and even shorts. Fetterman apparently wants to wear whatever is comfortable for him—decorum be damned. He thinks he’s more important than the Senate.

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His behavior is symbolic of America’s decline. Institutions are no longer respected — and many no longer deserve respect. Still, if one is going to be a Senator, one would think they would dress appropriately to honor the position to which they were elected. Representing America and their constituencies demand it.

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There is no excuse for Fetterman not to wear a suit. The Senate should not revolve around the warped desires of such a disabled and incompetent man. He should wear clothing to show his respect the Senate, it’s history, and our Republic. Schumer should have given Fetterman a dressing down for not dressing up.

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As a side note, Zelensky should never again be allowed to show up in front of Congress wearing a lousy t shirt. He received thunderous applause. It was a disgrace.

— Ben Garrison

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