The American Dream is not dead.

Yes, you heard me right, the American dream is still alive.

And in a sense, has just begun.

Don’t listen to the what they tell you.

Don’t listen to what they say “you should do.”

And never listen to that slimy, greasy, neck-bearded SJW rat, rubbing his hands in his government bubble wrapped cradle.

You know what you should do?

Listen to yourself.

Open your eyes. Open your ears. Opportunity surrounds you. Opportunity blesses you.

The American Dream is not dead.

If you’re a young single male, then I totally feel you man. I totally get it. I totally understand. I am a Millennial. But not your average Millennial—ah average, how easy it is to become . . . to be average, to settle, to be comfortable, to conform . . . oh, how easy that is . . . just like eating a bag of chips . . . so hard to stop . . . but the trick is to never open that bag.

Never open your bag of average.

Never settle.

Never conform.

As men, we set examples.

As men, we set goals.

As men, we set dreams.

The American Dream is not dead.

Never open your bag of average.

Average you say?

My friends, that’s for the weak.

That’s for our little neck-bearded friend who cries out for a tasty cookie, sometimes two, sometimes several, sometimes infinity.

That’s the Left for you.

One cookie is not enough.

They don’t want just the bag, they don’t want just the store . . . they want it all.

And for what reason? What exactly have they done to deserve “X amount of cookie?”

Why would THEY reap of the benefits of all great Americans who struggled, who sacrificed, who bled, for their American Dream?

I asked my friend once why we needed free health care and free college.

His response: “It’s a human right.”

My response: “That defeats the purpose of hard work and the American Dream.”

His reply: “The American Dream is dead, man.”

I ask him for his view of the American Dream.

His final reply: “To be safe and comfortable.” He shrugged.



OK, let’s step back and look at his life carefully. He’s 34 years old. He has 3 dirty roommates. He sits on the couch and drinks beer. He’s out of shape. He has no dreams. He has no goals.

He has enough money to pay his bills. He has enough money for beer. And that’s about it.

He is safe. He is comfortable.

He has reached the top of the “false American Dream.”

And yet, he truly believes that he deserves free health care.

He believes: “Man, just have the rich pay.”

This is what SJWs want.

They want their cookies.

They want their safety. They want their comfortability.

They don’t want to work. They don’t want to struggle.

They want someone else to pay for it.

They want to be dependent.

If government can give you everything, then government can also take everything away.

A dependent man is a weak man.

And a weak man will have nothing once the cookie crumbles.

We now are now at high noon of the weak man. The clock strikes neck beards and goofy grins.

These “false American Dreams” are about as cheap as several Grandma’s cookies from a snack dispenser at a used car lot.

Don’t fall for these “false American Dreams.”

You cannot obtain your dream via someone else, or via the government.

You obtain it from within.

Oh and guess what? Whoever placed that snack dispenser full of cookies, can easily take it away.

And our little SJW rat would scream and cry and throw his rattle at the nice man with a suit.

But here’s the good news: The American Dream is not dead.

It’s alive and vibrant.

The American Dream has been, and always will be there.

To obtain it, we just have to bake our own cookies in our own oven via our own hands.

Yes, this going to take a little more time. Yes, this is going to take a little more work.

Do not open up your bag of average. Do not follow the masses and press the snack dispenser button.

So many American men do. It’s sad. It sickens me. It’s false. It’s fake. They want to be safe. They want to be comfortable. They don’t want to think. Just press a button and get a reward. Like rats. Like SJW rats. Dependent rats.

The American Dream is more than just pressing a button.

The American Dream is more than just a stale cookie.

The American Dream has never died.

The American Dream lives within us.

The American Dream sits in the palms of our own hands.

Look at your hands right now. They have the power to create whatever the hell you want to create.

To say that the American Dream is dead is to call us dead.

We have the power to create, to control, and to shape our own destinies.

WE THE PEOPLE have that power. Not the government.

I will not conform.

I will not be average.

I will not just sit on my hands and say that the American Dream is dead.

But Ian, how do I make my dream a reality? How do I achieve a life I can be proud of?

My advice: put these five things to heart.


1: Take full responsibility

You are in charge of YOUR life’s play. You are writing the script. You are the director. You control what you do, say, and act. Not the government. Not your slimy SJW co-worker. But you. Take full responsibility for your own life. Don’t like where you are? Change it. You have the power to do so.


2: It is down to you and you only 

No one else will do the work for you. No one will hold your hand and call you special. Wake up at 4:00 a.m. if you have to and make YOUR American Dream a reality. You have the power to do so.


3: Don’t play it safe and comfortable

 Never be safe. Never be comfortable. Set big goals. Set big dreams. You are in charge of your American Dream.


4: Never be dependent

 Never rely on the government to take care of you. Government can easily take it away as easy as they have given it.


5: Believe in yourself

 Your hands can create anything that you want to in life. Believe in them.


The American Dream is not dead.


It has just begun.


Because, you, and your life’s journey has just begun.

And I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish in this life.


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