Resist You Must!

Cartoon published 09/06/2023

You don’t need to be a Jedi warrior to sense something disturbing when it comes to mandatory masks and vaccinations. The tyrants on the Dark Side know that if they can control our bodies, they can control everything.

It starts with the masks. Joe Biden has already said it’s time to mask up once again. As Leo Hoffmann wrote, “It’s critical to understand that the mask has become a powerful symbol of the elite’s ability to snuff out individual freedom wherever it exists.” 

Biden is such a freedom snuffer. (In addition to being a kid sniffer). He knows he can’t beat Trump in a fair election, therefore he and his handlers will conduct a Covid rerun complete with manufactured fear, mask mandates, social distancing, mandated vaccines, and plenty of fraudulent ballots marked for Joe and sent via snail mail and drop boxes. We all know Biden is a crook—of course he’ll try to steal the 2024 election again. 

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It has been established by scientific research that cloth masks do nothing but interfere with breathing. Even Fauci admitted that, but then he changed his mind and endorsed them. Then he ordered people to wear two masks. The sadistic little man must have chuckled over that abusive escapade.

The masks and vaccines are not about protecting our health. They instead help establish the Dark Side’s dominion over us.

Masks are about obedience. They’re about dehumanizing us. Wearing a mask emboldens the Dark Side to take more—including our lives.

We know the Covid virus was manufactured in Communist China. It was a bioweapon that US taxpayers funded—thanks to the lying so-called ‘Dr.’ Fauci. He has done a lot of harm. He and his cronies such as Pfizer and Bill Gates got a lot richer during the pandemic. If the opportunity presents itself, make sure you shower Fauci with plenty of loud boos.

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We know green energy Joe wants us to give up electric stoves, dishwashers, gas-powered lawn mowers, and even ceiling fans. Giving up those things will only condition us to give up really important stuff—such as food. The Dark Side doesn’t want us to eat meat—they want us to eat bugs. Schwab hates fashion. He wants to stamp out individuality and humanity by forcing us all to wear the same drab stuff. He wants us to be uniformly uniformed drones, whom he can completely control.

Those on the Dark Side pretend to be our friends as they destroy us. They accomplish this by means of generating fear. The weather always changes. Now they call it ‘climate crisis’ and use it against us. (“It’s hot—climate crisis! “It’s cold—climate crisis!”) Hurricanes and forest fires—everything is now due to climate crisis, formerly known as ‘climate change’ and before that, ‘global warming.’ The rich can afford ‘carbon credits.’ They will continue to enjoy life while most people will be forced to give up travel,

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The common cold and flu were commonplace since humans began walking the Earth. They are now used by the Dark Side to generate fear—all designed to get us to wear masks and accept dangerous jabs and endless boosters. A cold 10 years ago was no big deal. Try going to a store nowadays unmasked and with a cold. The mask freaks will look at you as if you were trying to murder them. Things that were once acknowledged to be common maladies such as chicken pox and measles are now treated as the Bubonic Plague.

The Dark Side warps everything. Science was based on questioning and debate. Now it’s based on  authoritarians. The Dark Side IS science. Or so they tell us. Good is seen as evil, and evil good. Do you want to protect children from sexual mutilation, dangerous vaccines, and harmful masks? You will be smeared as an evil doer and be subjected to harassment by the actual evil doers. You might lose your job or your bank account for doing good. The Dark Side always pushes fear to make you cave. If you caved during the first planned-demic, here is your chance to make amends. Don’t give in this time!

As Yoda said, “Luminous beings we are, not this crude matter.” May that luminous force be with you.

— Ben Garrison

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