May Saint Fauci Bless You With eternal boosters and lockdowns

Cartoon published 12/13/2023

In a recent interview Anthony Fauci said that although he was Catholic, he no longer needed the church because his ‘personal ethics’ were enough. 

I laughed out loud when I heard Fauci say this. Fauci is a corrupt tyrant who ruined the careers and reputations of scientists who didn’t align with his Big Pharma projects. He’s the man who killed AIDS patients by means of his dangerous AZT drug. Similarly, more were killed by Remdesivir. It was pushed in hospitals during the plannedemic because Fauci had a stake in it. Seems to me that leading health officials such as Fauci should not make decisions based on their royalties and holdings.

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Fauci thinks the church isn’t big enough for the both of them. If Fauci considers himself to be a god, he certainly is a vengeful one. He seemed to derive sadistic pleasure from announcing decrees such as lockdowns and church closures. Fauci the sadist also sent money to torture beagles for no scientific reason whatsoever.

Maybe his diminutive height gave him a Napoleon complex. He pushed Covid vaccines onto the world and it resulted in millions of injuries and deaths. He came out against masks, then recommended wearing a mask, then two masks at the same time. He said he lied about masks not working because there was a mask shortage at the time. In reality, the masks never worked and he knew it. He simple enjoyed forcing useless masks onto countless faces.

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Fauci sent U.S. taxpayer money to the communist Chinese bioweapons lab in Wuhan so they could discover ‘gain of function.’ Then he covered up the fact that he was responsible.

Rand Paul called him out on it, but when Fauci faces any threat of being held accountable, he lashes out. He resorts to phrases such as “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” In fact, Senator Paul knew exactly what he was talking about. Paul proved Fauci lied to Congress, but since Fauci is part of the globalist Deep State Swamp, he faces no consequences.

I refuse to call Anthony Fauci a doctor. Like his friend Bill Gates, he has contempt for humanity. His focus has always been on money and power. He loves fame as well. He enjoys basking in the limelight. He loves to receive worship. Many now refer to Fauci as the ‘NIH legend,’ which is absurd.

Fauci should be treated as a criminal—not a saint. Lock him up!

— Ben Garrison

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