Pandora's Needle Big Pharma cartoon by Ben Garrison

We Warned You But You Didn’t Listen

Cartoon republished 07/17/2023

I drew this cartoon well before the Fauci-funded Covid bioweapon outbreak. It was reposted on our GrrrGraphics verified Facebook page about three years ago. As a result, Facebook kicked us off permanently.

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We had a backup Facebook page and reposted an anti-Fluoride in the drinking water cartoon. That resulted in us getting kicked off for good. Nothing was wrong with either cartoon—they were both accurate and part of our First Amendment right of free speech. Opinions about science are no longer welcome on social media, though. Forces at the top get to determine what science is and their opinions and agenda are final. Period. End of story. We peons are not allowed to question Big Pharma and the medical industrial complex. 

Yet, as it turned out, I was right when I warned everyone about the dangers of vaccines.

The Covid vaccines in particular were experimental gene therapy jabs and not vaccines at all—so the powers that be conveniently changed the definition of a vaccine. Big Pharma pushed their product as a Covid cure-all. Take one and you wouldn’t get Covid and you wouldn’t spread Covid. Joe Biden told us exactly that. The corrupt mainstream media, who depend on Big Pharma advertising, pushed the virtue of getting the Covid shot. Educators and corporate employers alike threatened those who refused the jab. Then, of course, boosters were made necessary—one after another. Big Pharma raked in billions of taxpayer dollars. Those refusing were smeared as dangerous loonies and ‘anti-vaxxers.’

Eventually people realized on their own that the Covid shots did not stop them from getting Covid. The vaccinated still spread Covid. Not only were the vaccines ineffective, people also soon realized that they were dangerous. People, many of them quite young, began dropping dead due to blood clots and heart problems caused by the experimental mRNA pokes.

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It turned out that I was right about warning people against the pro-Covid vaccine mania. Vaccines have for too long been pushed as magical cures for nearly everything. Their side effects are ignored. People also began to realize that Big Pharma could not be sued for their faulty products. Not being accountable meant that Big Pharma could also be irresponsible—and they were. Corners and testing were cut to increase profit margins for themselves and their shareholders. The millions of people who were injured and all of loved ones who died? Too bad. 

Here is a link to a Jimmy Dore exposé with a doctor who has proved the Covid vaccines led to adverse effects for 1 in 20 people. That’s incredibly outrageous. 

“The COVID vaccines developed by the likes of Pfizer and Moderna were produced in batches that were sent separately to different regions of the world and, according to a recent independent study, different batches of the vaccines produced wildly varying instances of adverse events. Retired U.K. nursing instructor and YouTube star Dr. John Campbell reviewed the data and finds it very curious and can’t come up with a reasonable explanation for the results.”

Don’t trust authorities—even those claiming to represent science—especially when they lack accountability and when big money is involved. Don’t blindly agree to getting foreign substances injected directly into your bloodstream unless there is true informed consent ahead of time. There was no true informed consent with the Covid vaccines. Only lies. 

— Ben Garrison

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