Tricky Dick Pulls Some Strings

Cartoon published 12/o2/2023

I’m a little late coming up with a cartoon that acknowledges the death of Henry Kissinger. Rosalynn Carter and Sandra Day O’Connor also died within days of Henry, which only further proves that it ‘comes in threes.’ I’ve noticed other cartoonists have already depicted (in a humorous way) Kissinger not making it to heaven.

Sandra Day O’Connor, nominated by Ronald Reagan, was the first woman to serve as a justice on the Supreme Court. She certainly deserves her own cartoon, and I’m certain many of those other cartoonists will draw one. I chose to draw Henry.

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We all know Henry Kissinger’s accomplishments and abhorrences. He completed notable deeds and just as many notorious ones. I won’t go into them here, but one might be surprised that I’m indirectly sending him to heaven in my cartoon. Some will say both Kissinger and Nixon deserve the hot place, and maybe a few years ago I would have drawn that cartoon.

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I have assigned other politicians and public figures to Hell. I despised the ’New World Order’ pusher and war monger “Poppy Bush,” so I drew an unflattering image after he died and we lost a lot of supporters as a result. We lost even more when I eviscerated ‘songbird’ John McCain. We had less complaints when I assigned David Rockefeller to Hades—where he tried to use the money he brought along with him to take over the place.

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Many of you probably know this year has been rough for me. I was diagnosed with cancer—two different kinds and in two different places. One was far more advanced and operable and I went through that major surgery back in May. My alternative was death. Naturally I’ve been thinking a lot about death. A lot of people have been praying for me and I greatly appreciate those prayers. I’ve been doing a bit of praying myself.

So when it came time to draw a commemorative cartoon for Kissinger…well, I just couldn’t bring myself to show him ‘down there.’ I couldn’t summon up enough vitriol. So Henry . . . wherever you are . . . rest in peace.

– Ben Garrison

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