Trump Indictment In Miami Florida—A Historic Day Of Shame

Cartoon published 06/13/2023

News broke revealing that Biden accepted a 5 million dollar bribe—and on that same day the Biden Administration made sure that their corrupt DOJ indicted President Trump. That news dominated the schedules of the corrupt propaganda media. Today it was revealed that there are audio tapes that prove Biden’s guilt, but today everyone is focussed instead on Trump showing up to a Miami courthouse.

There are no coincidences.

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We need to observe who defends Trump, and who goes along with the Marxist Democrat regime’s witch hunt. Especially watch those who stay silent. We are looking at you Mitch McConnell, you Mitt Romney, and you, Mike Pence. Your comments about how ’serious’ the charges are and your lack of support for President Trump only further engraves the fact that you’re all uniparty RINOs.

The US is officially a banana republic that persecutes, prosecutes, and jails its political opponents. What we are now seeing is the weaponization of justice and election interference to the max.

Biden’s corrupt DOJ is trying to indict and imprison a former president for the rest of his life. It reeks of banana republic bolshevism. President Trump is running for president in 2024 and is leading Biden in all the polls. THAT is the reason they are going after TRUMP.

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Joe Biden has a long history of bribery, corruption and selling out the country to the highest bidder. He’s an arch criminal and pedophile. We saw the Sodom and Gomorrah event he held on the White House lawn. Biden smiles has he continues to destroy our economy, our culture, our institutions, and our sense of decency.

‘We The People’ are not stupid. We have seen Biden’s crimes. The DOJ and FBI are covering them up by means of inaction, stonewalling and lies. We see the Democrat Party’s endless witch hunt against Trump and his supporters. We’ve had enough!

—The GrrrTeam

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