The Democrat’s barnyard stinks. They have been pigs at a trough of corruption for too long.

We’ve learned that even John Bolton stuffed $115,000 into his pockets thanks to a Ukrainian steel oligarch. Is that why he became a turncoat?

We know a thoroughly unqualified cocaine addict, Hunter Biden, was appointed to the board of a leading Ukraine gas company and raked in millions of dollars. His father Joe threatened a prosecutor who wanted to investigate his son. Quid pro Joe! Same with Romney’s son. Is that why the Utah senator has backstabbed the president after pleading for his support?

Pelosi’s son Paul has also benefited from Ukraine in a deal similar to Hunter’s. He has also brokered sports deals in Ukraine while being associated with corrupt con artists.

The Democrats continue to use Saul Alinsky’s tactic of blaming opponents for what they are doing. They are determined to affix the Ukraine corruption label on the president, even if it wastes an enormous amount of time and at a cost of millions of dollars from taxpayers.

This corruption started with Farmer Obama, who ran the most scandalous administrations in history. Unfortunately he has sowed a bitter a bitter crop of corruption–not only with Ukraine, but also in our judicial system, security agencies, and of course, the mass media. Pigs who get too greedy usually get slaughtered. We’ll settle for some justice.

—The GrrrTeam