Biden Will Happily Shoot Down This Balloon

“The entire US military got defeated by a hot-air balloon.”

— Jack Posobiec on Twitter

Donald Trump was the first president to stand up to the communist Chinese in modern times. Ever since Nixon and Kissinger went to China to kiss Mao’s backside, US presidents have caved to China, because they wanted access to the cheap labor there. China was allowed to steal US corporate secrets, infiltrate universities, and even influence Congress itself by means of bribes and blackmail. Chinese police stations have been set up throughout the country as the communist military expands exponentially. Meanwhile, the US military is ‘woke’ and more concerned with pronouns and sex changes for its soldiers. The Chinese want us weak and our media, Hollywood, politicians, universities, and military are all working to make that happen.

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Trump stood up to China and wanted an even economic playing field. Trump set up a program within the Department of Justice to help put an end to China’s ongoing espionage. Joe Biden promptly ended that program, claiming it was ‘racist.’

Our military is already compromised. General Milley committed blatant treason and nothing happened. The Pentagon seems more interested in saving Ukraine than America. We were told we can know nothing about the spy balloon because it was ‘classified’ information. “Classified” and “national security” are words we hear more and more these days, not just from our security agencies, but also from Congress. Those who represent us no longer give us true facts. Apparently our rulers consider us to be rabble and unworthy of getting the real scoop. The media are lapdogs, not watch dogs. They repeat the lies the CIA and ruling establishment want us to hear.


We know Joe’s son Hunter has accepted millions of dollars from Chicom companies. His dad, the ‘Big Guy’ got 10 percent of the deals. Joe and Hunter are owned by communist China. It’s no wonder Joe has refused to shoot down the spy balloon. It’s another example of his traitorous behavior. Instead of protecting America, he is allowing a foreign invasion — not only over our airspace but through wide-open borders. China has defeated America without firing a shot. Joe and the globalists want to use communist China as a template and that means we can expect more traitorous outrages from China Joe.

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Our country is compromised. President Xi may as well be in the White House. Biden considers ‘extreme’ MAGA Trump supporters to be the real enemy-—not communist China. That’s right, nationalists who want to make America great again are the arch-enemy in the eyes of Biden and his Chinese handlers.

Trump stood up to China and they couldn’t tolerate that, so we got a stolen election and an illegitimate fraud pretending to be president while doing the bidding of China. We have doormat for president who allows the communists to walk all over us.

— The GrrrTeam


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