Effengeezer Scrooge, A Christmas Carol 2023

Cartoon published 12/24/2023

I’ve had several people suggest a drawing of Joe Biden as the ‘Grinch,’ but after careful consideration I decided it would be more fun to draw him as ‘Scrooge.’

I always like watching all the old ‘Scrooge’ movies on TV at this time of year. I prefer the black and white ones. I picture London being black and white in 1843, when Charles Dickens penned the tale—and in fact, Benjamin Franklin described old London as being a smokey, dark place in the mid 1700s. One of the best film versions is the 1935 one starring Seymour Hicks. When he contritely visits his nephew and his nephew’s new wife at the end, he takes a moment to look at their Christmas tree. He sheds a tear because it’s so beautiful.

Unfortunately Biden would never have the Scrooge conversion. He would insult any spirit trying to help him.

A friend in Florida sent me a bit of poetry about Biden—it sums up Joe Scrooge:

Joe Biden spent all his years in self-rewarding government life,

Part of that included sleeping with another man’s wife.

Raising one son who did not die in the Iraq war,

Another son could not turn down a Russian whore.

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Then there was that near-deadly kitchen fire,

Another minor incident that revealed Joe to be a liar.

Biden bragged about his accomplishments in law school,

Those lies ended his first presidential run—they proved Joe a fool.


There were stories of riding Amtrak, battling Corn Pop, and leg hairs of a lifeguard,

These were the rambling fantasies of a confused blowhard.

Joe loved to tell tales of Mandela and civil rights,

Even though history confirms Joe wasn’t in those fights.

A man in a wheelchair Joe asked to stand,

How could such a bumbler end up leading our land?

Now comes son Hunter, brother Jim, and the rest of the brood,

While Joe brazenly sniffs little girls’ hair—disgusting and lewd.

The money roles in from faraway lands,

Joe smiles and waves with his dirty, blood-stained hands.

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Joe claims his ‘Bidenomics’ is a success and receiving raves,

The way Bidenflation is going, we’ll soon live in caves.

His presidency is biggest con to ever take place,

It explains the sly smirk often seen on Joe’s face. 

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Joe gets lost on stage and shakes hands with the invisible,

He wants to run again—and that’s downright risible.

Imposing bans on gas stoves, assault rifles, and fuel from a fossil,

Joe’s mandates only make his mistakes more colossal. 

Joe was perplexed when he saw the latest poll number,

Time for another vacation and a long beach slumber!

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Joe’s presidency has brought us nothing but woe,

He’ll lose in ’24…just don’t expect a RINO to be his foe.

Joe seems to think a second term is within reach,

Meanwhile, mounting evidence seems to cry “Impeach!”

So much Jill’s “restoring decency” to the House that is White,

Vote for Trump—he can help make things right. 

Merry Christmas From Ben and Tina Garrison!

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