Welcome Back Alex Jones

Cartoon published 12/11/2023

When Elon Musk bought Twitter and rebranded it as ‘X,’ we had high hopes for the complete return of freedom of speech for conservatives on the social media platform. Then, when Elon Musk reinstated President Trump’s account along with patriots like General Flynn, we were sure that freedom of speech  would soon return. Yet eventually we became troubled that our own account was not reinstated…and we waited month after month for it to happen. We wrote letters to ‘X’ that disappeared into the ether. We were stuck in an old twitter algorithm and it continually rejected or ignored our appeals. We never did find out why we were banned. We certainly did nothing wrong.

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As the old saying goes, ‘The squeaky wheel gets the grease.’ We kept squeaking to everyone about our original @grrrgraphics account not being restored. We wanted it back because we had built up a tremendous lot of followers before we were unceremoniously booted. We depend on building up a ‘reach’ and many on the left would like to see that reach denied to us. We are independent cartoonists—we make our living from donations and sales. Can’t do that if nobody knows about us. Luckily for us, our friend Mark Dice heard about our plight, and with his well-timed tweet (x?) the support staff on X restored our account and removed all shadow bans and censorship leftovers from the former twitter ownership. Our X account was back. Our free speech was restored.

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Yet, something was not right in X land when it came to the force of nature known as Alex Jones. He remained banned on X. We have often stated that there was no real free speech on ‘X’ as long as Alex Jones continued to be banned. Cue another squeaky wheel.

The biggest squeaky wheel of all was Tucker Carlson. His interview with Alex Jones was viewed by millions. Tucker’s 90-minute long segment showed the world who Alex Jones really was. Many misconceptions and lies told by the Deep State were swept away. Alex was shown to be a man on a determined quest to warn the world by means of speaking the truth. The internet rallied behind Alex and people called for his account to be reinstated on X. Elon Musk put up a poll on X and the final results were a landslide in favor of Jones. People voted 70% Yes to 30% No for Alex’s return. (Who are those free speech haters who voted no? We can guess…)

Musk need not have conducted polls for Donald Trump and Alex Jones to begin with. After all, he claims to be a ‘free speech absolutist.’ If one believes in free speech, Trump and Jones would have been reinstated right away and without the use of popularity polls. In fact, the real test for a believer in free speech would mean figures such as David Duke and Nick Fuentes would be reinstated as well. Musk is a very smart man, but we’re thinking he meant ‘legal speech’ instead of ‘absolute free speech.’ After all, absolute is all-encompassing and people can’t engage in that if they think it means making violent threats or infringing on one’s copyright, such as they did when they altered Ben’s cartoons and impersonated him, thus ruining his reputation. While hate speech is legal in America (for now), slander and libel are illegal, hence there is no such thing as absolute free speech. (Unless you want to go outside alone and shout at rain clouds, that is). The point is, people with unpopular opinions have a right to their free speech as long as their posts are legal speech. 

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Regardless, to a large degree freedom of speech certainly has returned to X—and the globalist censors and control freaks have to be squirming. We assume the FBI has already been shown the door. Elon has put principles over money. He bluntly told disgruntled advertisers who pulled their ads off X,

“Go F Yourself…is that clear?”

Alex Jones is back on X. GrrrGraphics is back on X. It’s a Christmas miracle!

— The GrrrTeam

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