Who let the dogs out?

The Democrat’s new IRS (if/when funded) will be bigger than the Pentagon, FBI and State Department combined!

I was going to title this cartoon “Good Dog, Bad Dog,” but there’s nothing good about the IRS, even though it has lately been showing weakness. “Bad Dog, Worse Dog,” is more appropriate.

The IRS was set up originally to tax the ultra rich. That got the middle class to support it. Nowadays the ultra rich have tax shelters, tax lawyers, and accountants galore. All of which enables them to pay minimal (if any taxes). The middle class does not have such luxuries. The IRS knows audited cases against the middle class are easier to handle because the defenseless are more likely to settle. We also know the IRS has been used to audit political conservatives. Lois Lerner did this under Obama and she suffered no consequences. My guess is the Obama/Biden fake presidency wants to do this again. They’ve done it with the Jan.6 protestors, now they want to use law fare against all Trump supporters.

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The Schumer-Manchin Tax Bill will send an extra $80 billion to the IRS. Much of this money will be spent on hiring harassers, er, auditors to come after small business owners and the middle class. Again, the IRS finds this easier work than going after billionaires. Forget what Biden said about taxing billionaires. Biden’s job is protecting the ultra rich. ‘Lunch bucket’ Joe lies and pretends to come from ‘working man stock.’ He’s a liar. His job has always been to protect the rich. Progressives get elected ostensibly to further the interests of the working class and impoverished, but what they do is further the interest of globalist corporations and big banks. Pelosi is another prime example.

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Throwing $80 million at a government agency is inflationary. That money will trickle down and add to the problem of too many dollars chasing too few goods. Stripping more hard-earned money away from citizens means they will be less able to deal with inflation. In other words, the Democrat’s solution to an inflationary recession is to raise taxes and spend more! That’s insanity.

Of course, Senator Manchin and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer claim their ‘investment’ in the IRS will produce $200 billion in revenue. That revenue will be wasted and worse, it will be used to grow more government tyranny.

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The IRS has had major problems including their ancient and highly inefficient computer equipment. Billions of dollars have already been tossed at the IRS to solve those computer problems, but they never get solved. The money probably went toward corruption instead. Also, the IRS has not examined millions of filings and that won’t be possible without hiring tens of thousands of new employees. Will be they be qualified? Doubtful. The IRS is a bloated, corrupt, and evil entity. They’ve been given millions or rounds of ammunition. Will they show up well-armed to shake down taxpayers? The IRS is no better than mobsters. Besides, the government can simply request trillions of dollars be printed to pay for their pork. They don’t need taxpayer money. Therefore, paying the IRS does nothing but advance the agenda of illegitimate entities. Their end game is our slavery.

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If you must file with the IRS, send them as much paper as you can. They say filing is voluntary. Don’t volunteer to make things easier for the tyrants!

— Ben Garrison


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