“Sold! To the Asian Man in the nice suit!”

Cartoon published 09/27/2023

As a long time-Senator, Joe Biden was allowed to scoop up kickbacks as long as it didn’t interfere with the interests of his masters—the globalist central bankers and Delaware credit card companies. As long he carried out their bidding in the Senate, Joe was relatively safe to pursue his ‘side hustles.’

“Lunch bucket Joe” always pretended to care about the middle class (while crushing them). What Joe really wanted was money—and plenty of it. He also wanted to rub shoulders with the east coast elites and go to their parties. Joe’s ‘I’m a regular guy’ schtick was just a cover for his real motive: Doing whatever it took to gain fame and easy money.

Joe has always been a con artist and grifter, but the media (also controlled by those same bankers) did not allow investigative journalists to plumb the Biden cesspool too deeply.

Now that dynamic has changed. As our installed president, the heat has been turned up on the increasingly unpopular Joe. James Comer has found a lot of credible evidence that Joe has been auctioning off his country. That’s right, he’s been taking bribes—even from our enemies such as communist China. Comer uncovered more evidence that proved Joe was lying when he said his family never received any money from China. We now know a Chinese communist national wired a $250,000 bribe directly to Joe Biden’s home, where Hunter had been staying. Hunter got the money and Joe got his cut. Maybe that’s why Joe let that Chinese spy balloon fly over our country and did nothing.

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To counter the scandal, Democrat media are using Senator Bob Menendez’s own pay-for-play corruption as a distraction. Menendez and his wife accepted $400,000 worth of gold bars in exchange for his influence, but that story cannot eclipse the magnitude of Joe’s traitorous acts. That’s why the leftist media ridicule and dismisses the Biden scandal as Republican-invented ‘drama.’

The bank records don’t lie, but it’s unlikely Biden will see justice. 

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That’s because our country is already been sold out to the highest bidder.

We must take our Republic back or we will not have a country.

— Ben Garrison

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