Biden’s Smoking Gun

Cartoon published 10/25/2023

A trusted FBI agent revealed that Joe Biden, using his son as a middle man, accepted millions of dollars in bribes from Ukraine. When a reporter asked Joe about this, Biden laughed arrogantly and replied, “Where’s the money?”

The House Oversight Committee recently released evidence of that money, and it’s probably the tip of the iceberg.

Joe received a $200,000 check from his brother James. On March 1, 2018, Americore, a struggling health care business, wired that same amount to James, who then immediately turned it over to Joe as a ‘loan repayment.’ The Bidens often use the word ‘loan’ to cover up their bribes and money laundering. There is no evidence that Joe ever loaned his brother such an amount.

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Congress has the cashed check—the smoking gun—and there will be more smoking guns coming. Joe Biden, like Hillary Clinton, has repeatedly engaged in bribe taking, otherwise known as ‘pay for play.’ Joe did not destroy evidence like Hillary. It’s still out there in the form of bank records. 

Similarly, Hunter shook down a communist Chinese businessman for $10 million. He said, “I’m sitting here with my father and we’d like to understand why your commitment has not yet been fulfilled.” Apparently Hunter soon gained satisfaction and at around that time period Joe purchased his luxurious, six bedroom Rehoboth beach house in Delaware for $2,740,001—in cash.

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Once Congress gets it’s act together, it’s time to get the Biden impeachment rolling. That impeachment may not occur because Biden is a member of the Deep State Swamp, but he should be legally harassed and exposed in the very least. Trump had to deal with two impeachments based on no evidence at all.

With Biden, there’s a mountain of evidence.

Impeach Joe Biden and then LOCK HIM UP!

— Ben Garrison

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