Dirty Election Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Cartoon published 12/21/2023

The Colorado Supreme Court made a narrow but shameful decision to remove Donald Trump from their state ballot. Trump never received a conviction for ‘insurrection,’ let alone a fair trial.

Perhaps the Colorado court aligned itself with Nancy Pelosi’s view that Trump needs to ‘prove himself innocent’ in a court of law. In other words, the court and Pelosi think he’s guilty until proven innocent. The Democrats have power—therefore THEY are the law. This is another example of their lawfare against Trump.

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Joe Biden, The Resident in Chief, chimed in on the matter and said it’s up to a court decide whether Trump is guilty of insurrection—but then he immediately added that Trump was guilty of the crime. “No question about it. None. Zero.” The executive branch of our government has already made up his mind, but the Supreme Court will be the ones who will make the ultimate decision, which will most likely be restoring Trump to the Colorado ballot.

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A reporter also asked Biden about his steep decline in the polls. Maybe Joe thought he was being witty when he replied, “You’re looking at the wrong polls.” The reporter wasn’t looking at the wrong polls. Even polls from the left indicate Joe will get his fossilized backside handed to him on a plate come November.

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The Democrats know this—therefore they are desperate. Biden’s presidency has been a complete and utter disaster.

He tells people that his ‘Bidenomics’ scheme is working, when few can afford groceries, let alone rent or a home. The majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Homelessness is at an all-time high while the southern border remains wide open. Apparently the Marxist Democrats will sign them up to vote and then sign them up for the US military in exchange for citizenship. Young men arrived illegally by the droves and they won’t be afraid to shoot at  MAGA-minded Americans. The Democrats know this.

Joe has sent $140 billion to a losing battle in Ukraine. That money could have ended homelessness in America. It could have been spent on updating our aging infrastructure. It could have gone toward securing our borders, yet Joe wants to waste more money on foreign wars, which drives inflation higher at home.

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Biden and Kamala are fundamentally unlikeable people. Both are phony baloneys. Both lack the intellectual capacity necessary for their jobs. Neither can speak with much clarity. Joe and the Biden family are running a con game—they are confidence tricksters, but few have confidence in Joe at this point. Many are seeing him for what he’s always been: An incompetent liar who is it for himself.

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The gloomy outlook for Biden means the Democrat party will pull a lot of shenanigans to keep him in the White House. We just saw evidence of that in Colorado. The Marxist Democrats will be particularly dangerous in 2024. Look for a new war and/or another pandemic trotted out by Gates and his fellow genocidal globalists. The Democrats would rather tear this country apart than see Trump reelected.

We’re in for a rough ride. Buckle up!

— Ben Garrison

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