Dodging Justice

Cartoon published 01/10/2024

On the fateful day of January 6, Ray Epps urged protestors to go ‘in’ to the Capitol. He yelled that over and over. Everyone who did go into the Capitol ended up getting identified, arrested, and handed outrageously long prison sentences by Obama judges. Not Epps. He got one year of probation and a $500 dollar fine. I’m still convinced he was working for the FBI and most likely he was secretly spying on the ‘Oath Keepers,’ when he was a leading member of that organization.

There’s less secrecy when it comes to Anthony Fauci. He’s obviously a sadistic arch criminal who sent US taxpayer money to a bioweapons lab in communist China in order to make functional a virus that ended up killing millions. Millions more were killed by side effects from a deadly experimental vaccine that did not stop Covid, nor did it it stop its spread. Fauci profited handsomely from the planned-demic, and Bill Gates cleaned up even more. Now the diminutive know-it-all former NIAID director appeared before Congress and stated repeatedly that he ‘can’t recall.’ Fauci will never face justice.

Another expert dodger is Hunter Biden. Since his daddy was vice president and now resident in the White House, he knew he could get away with anything—and he certainly tried everything including Russian hookers, illegal drugs, illegally obtaining a firearm, blatant money laundering through his amateur paintings, and of course accepting bribe money for his father, otherwise known as the ‘big guy.’ Oh, and don’t forget Hunter’s bag of coke he left in the White House.

If you are part of Team Globalism with ties to the Deep State Swamp, you can easily dodge any legal difficulty thrown at you.

It’s a Big Club, and you and I are not in it.

— Ben Garrison

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