Obama has been serving up “Hope and Change” drinks for years now. Many are finding that they no longer taste good. Even his liberal supporters have realized that he is carrying out the same crony globalist agenda as the Bush that preceded him. We have not removed troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Obama ignored Congress and attacked Libya in order to install…al qaeda rebels! How does that make sense? It doesn’t need to. Obama expects us to drink in the false reality created by his globalist masters. We should’t question things that are illogical. We shouldn’t question why his Attorney General sold weapons to the Mexican drug Cartel. We shouldn’t question why he has pronounced illegal aliens ‘citizens’ by decree. We shouldn’t question why he promised transparency and no lobbyists in his administration and has delivered the opposite. He wants us to shut up and drink his Fool Aid. And when we’re sick to our stomachs, we’ll call in a doctor to help us on the road to recovery. Dr. Ron Paul.