The social media giants have destroyed your freedom of speech. 

The stripping of the First Amendment is underway through “normal updates” on your phone or computer.

Several of these updates go into detail:

“Now introducing anti-bullying filters. Our community strives to be a safe and comfortable place for all users. We will not allow bullying to bring any of our users harm, discontent, or strife. Comments that may be inappropriate, offensive, or bullying are automatically filtered out from your posts and live videos. If you have the offensive comment filter turned on, you can also turn on a keyword filter to hide comments that contain specific words, phrases, numbers, or emojis that you’d like to avoid.”

Sure this sounds nice and also sounds like Instagram and Facebook are looking out for you. But tools like these, and especially tools from Facebook, can be manipulated and used against you.

For instance, perhaps you agree with Trump and we need to build that wall.

To a liberal, this is extremely offensive, racist, and vile. With the keyword filter, they can enter the phrase, “build the wall” as bullying.

The word “Trump” can be viewed as hate. (Oh you’re a Trump supporter? Block. You’re a hateful, racist, bigot, who hates women and hates black people)

Even the phrase, “Make America Great Again” can be viewed as bullying for its ‘White Nationalism.’

And with their automatic anti-bullying filter turned on, you have no idea what is considered bullying or not.

Perhaps it’s constructive criticism? Friendly advice? A step in the right direction?

Even helpful criticism and advice we relied on as children and young adults to help guide us and shape us can now be considered bullying.

Facebook and Instagram will not know the difference.

Any post with a slight negative touch is now blown out of proportion.


Why would I let a tech giant tell me what I may or may not find offensive?


That is a right—a right for all of us—to decide what is offensive to us.

Likewise, we are all different. You may like anchovies on your pizza while someone else hates anchovies. Does this mean I’m going to filter out all words and phrases concerning anchovies because I disagree with that topping? No.

Who out there can tell me what I can and can’t see?

Ever since these automatic updates have happened, I can’t see any posts from my friends who are pro-Trump. They are filtered out from my feed, and any comment that is pro Trump, I now can’t see either.

Facebook is hiding the truth from us.

They don’t want us to see real news. Even in their TV commercials, they mention no more “fake news” in feeds.

They want us to see cuddly puppies, food pictures, and memes.

Facebook doesn’t want us to think.

They want us to be safe and comfortable.

Where they can control at whim what we see.

And if we make a comment on one of our friend’s posts, saying, “I disagree. We need to build that wall. We have to protect our borders,” will not be seen nor seen by anyone else.

You are being silenced.

The left has silenced your First Amendment.



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