Tucker Carlson Fired For Stepping On The Deep State’s Toes

Cartoon published 04/25/2023

Godspeed Tucker- You Are Free

We at GrrrGraphics found Tucker Carlson to be the most effective talk show host and journalist on FoxNews. Since FoxNews and Rupert Murdoch are inextricably tied to the Deep State Swamp and the globalist establishment, Tucker had to go. He was telling too many truths.

Among them:

• He warned us about Ukraine and its corruption and how the war there should not be our top priority. He warned us that it could lead to a nuclear World War III. Contrast what he said with what most of the other FoxNews talking heads were saying and it’s clear that FoxNews favored the war mongers. Sean Hannity is a shameless neocon how often hosted his friend and fellow neocon and coward Lindsey Graham to push the Ukraine war. Tucker mocked Graham. Sean also praised his fellow host, Mark Levin, whom he calls ’the great one.’ What’s so great about being a warmonger? Levin praised Zelensky for bombing and destroying Christian churches in his country, saying they were filled with Russian spies. Levin agreed.

• Tucker ridiculed the ‘trans’ movement and told us how it’s impossible for a man to become a woman and vice versa. He told the truth: It’s a delusion and now a state-sponsored cult. Challenge the cult thinking and one gets accused of being ‘transphobic’ and a ‘bigot.’ Some are even threatened with violence. Meanwhile, some trans groomers in elementary schools want kids to have sex change surgery without their parents’ consent. Joe Biden, a pedophile, is one such groomer.

• He showed us the illogic and destructiveness of the ‘green’ movement and how the globalists’ obsession with climate change arises out of their desire to carry out a ‘great reset.’ Climate change is based on cherry picked data and not real science. Tucker was one of the few to tell it like it is—there is no global warming.

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• He repeatedly revealed the corruption of the FBI—especially when it came to Hunter Biden’s laptop. Biden, Garland, and Blinken colluded with the FBI and CIA to ensure the laptop got labeled as ‘Russian disinformation.’ That way anyone mentioning on social media got banned. This is blatant election interference and all involved should be arrested. Instead they have all been rewarded.

• Tucker was the only one at FoxNews to question the ‘official’ Covid narrative that was forced upon us. He exposed Fauci as being the corrupt liar he is, and Big Pharma’s Covid vaccines as being ineffective and dangerous. Some speculate that this particularly incensed Murdoch, who wants the funding Big Pharma commercials provide.

• He supported Julian Assange and insisted upon his release. Tucker said Assange’s only crime was “humiliating the powerful.”

• He exposed the election fraud that occurred during the 2020 presidential election. He said, “It is clear the 2020 election was a grave betrayal of American democracy.” Contrast this with Sean Hannity, a classic controlled opposition ‘conservative.’ Hannity refused to discuss the matter or have anyone on his show who wanted to discuss it. As much as he skewers Biden, he still calls China Joe his president. We don’t. Biden is illegitimate.

• Tucker exposed the Deep State Swamp’s involvement with the January 6 protest at the Capitol. He had real journalists on his show such as Darren Beatty who proved FBI involvement and how they planned and expedited the framing of thousands of peaceful protesters—and many are still waiting to get rounded up by the criminal Joe Biden and tossed into prison, where they face brutality and grossly inappropriate sentences.

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The above are just a few reasons we kept watching Tucker Carlson. He possessed the courage to tell the truth about corruption and crimes now rampant with the Deep State Swamp and its politicians. His truth telling garnered him a huge audience and the top-rated spot. Perhaps Sean Hannity expects to collect that audience. Sean is a mega millionaire blowhard who even installed a cheering stand filled with raucous supporters to show how loved he is and perhaps to encourage everyone else to cheer for him.


I will continue to boo the fake conservative who does the bidding of the Swamp. He loves to say how he was a blue collar working man who struggled to survive living paycheck to paycheck. That patter wears thin considering he’s now worth well over $300 million and pulls down a $34 million annual salary. He owns estates and mega mansions on the coast. He is a war monger and shill who is there to protect the Uniparty Swamp. He is rewarded for going along.

Tucker is fired for telling the truth. Godspeed, Tucker. Cartoon available as signed print-order yours.

— The GrrrTeam

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