Hillary’s Haunting Halloween Ride

Cartoon published 10/31/2031

Our previous Halloween cartoon featured the ghost of Vince Foster telling Hillary that she was the “scary one.”

She truly is a scary person—a very corrupt and power-hunger criminal who still longs to be in the political limelight. She’s been on several stages recently and it’s encouraging to see people standing up and calling her out on her criminal behavior. It’s a good sign to see average citizens ready to mock her smug sanctimony. She deserves to be locked up even more, but that didn’t happen.

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The result? She continued her criminal ways by purchasing the manufacture of lies against Trump—and we the taxpayers had to spend millions of dollars to sort it all out. She’s still not in jail and neither are any of the other criminals protected by the Deep State. They include Biden, Fauci, and many others from the FBI and CIA.

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Halloween is the perfect time to make fun of ghosts, goblins, and Hillary Clinton.

— The GrrrTeam

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