What’s Inside China Joe’s Head?

Cartoon published 04/19/2023

The Chinese Communist Party (Chicoms) exhibit a commonality with other communists: They cannot allow competition or any threat to their power.

Just before he died, Josef Stalin was planning to invade Europe. Communists always want to expand their power if possible. Communists are also atheists. They do not believe in God, but they DO believe in the power of the state, which must be worshipped and expanded.

It should be now surprise that President Xi has this same mindset. Imagine his horror when Donald Trump was elected president. Trump became the first president to stand up to China and counter the advantage the communists had in trade. The Chicoms could not tolerate this. Therefore, they sent money to support Biden and they may have even helped rig the 2020 election. Remember how Zuckerberg spent over $400 million to help rig that election in favor of Biden? Zuckerberg is friends with Xi.Biden could be China’s ‘Manchurian President.’ Biden could be brainwashed by the Chicoms—and influenced by the money they gave Hunter and his family.

Remember, Hunter went with his father when they visited China together. Joe was vice president at the time, but Hunter received multi-million dollar deals from Chinese companies controlled by the communists. Hunter is a degenerate ignoramus who was given money for no real reason other than the purchase of political influence. Joe claimed he knew nothing of the deals even though it happened right under his nose. Most likely, Joe is the ‘Big Guy’ who received large kickbacks from all of Hunter’s graft and influence peddling. We know the Chicoms have had way too much influence over American institutions including Congress, Hollywood, sports, and especially universities. They’ve even set up their own police stations. They buy land next to military bases. Chinese spies are everywhere and they steal all kinds of intellectual and corporate secrets and send them right back to China.


We know Eric Swalwell, while on the House Intelligence Committee, slept with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang. Instead of stepping down he almost bragged about the affair. Mitch McConnell is married to a Chinese woman. Senator Dianne Feinstein had a Chinese spy as her chauffeur for many years. It’s almost as if a great many of our politicians are compromised by the Chicoms in some manner. Would it come as a surprise if we discover how Joe Biden is bought out by them? The University of Pennsylvania set up for Joe a ‘think tank’ called the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. Joe is known as being the stupidest politician to come ‘round the pike, so a think tank is not exactly his element. An ice cream shop would be more appropriate. Anyway, classified documents were found in Joe’s office at the Biden Center. The Chicoms donated many millions of dollars to the university. Coincidence? Chinese spies most likely got their hands on a lot of documents—thanks to Joe—who for some reason continues to lie and say he was a professor at the university.

The Chicoms flew a sophisticated spy balloon across our country. It collected sensitive data from military installations. Joe did nothing. He could have easily shot the balloon down over Alaska or Montana. He claimed he didn’t want the debris to hurt anyone. That’s a lie. Eastern Montana is sparsely populated. He should have and could have shot it down but didn’t. Biden allowed the humiliation and compromised our security. Was he obeying Xi’s orders?Joe has stubbornly left our southern border wide open. Is this also due to an order from Xi? We’re now seeing a horde of young Chinese men crossing into the USA. What are they doing? Are they engaged in acts of sabotage such as the continuing spate of train derailment and massive fires to food processing centers? Will they attack our power infrastructure at a predetermined date? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Balloon And Two Loons Cartoon

Also, the wide-open border means cheap Chinese-made fentanyl will continue to flow into the country and kill many more Americans. Joe is OK with this. Biden has said trans people are ’the soul of our nation.’ That’s absurd, but it reveals his mindset. Woke Joe has populated his cabinet with several trans men as well as gays and people put there to destroy the purpose of their departments. His cabinet leaders know nothing about their jobs and aren’t even trying. Was this intentional? Our military was humiliated in Afghanistan and now they are more concerned with inclusion and equity than meritocracy. Trans people can get surgery while serving. Military morale is at an all-time low. Young people do not want to enlist. Just what the Chicoms want.

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Joe continues to push the climate change agenda—something the Chinese certainly do not worry about. Joe immediately destroyed our energy independence. Infrastructure was shut down and limited. Biden even sold our strategic petroleum reserve to a Chicom oil company.

Joe Biden is a criminal and a traitor who hates America and Americans. That’s why he’s sending out 80,000 armed IRS agents to harass us and shake us down while also sending well over $100 billion to a con man in Ukraine. Imagine the kickbacks his family receives!

The Influence Peddlers Cartoon

 How is China Joe avoiding impeachment? Xi will continue to control him and make sure little resistance is offered when the Chicoms reclaim Taiwan.

— Ben Garrison

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