The Influence Peddlers, The Biden Crime Family

Cartoon published 04/08/2023

UPDATE: 04/18/2023 Biden Investigation- Kentucky Rep. James Comer told NEWSMAX that his committee’s revelatory investigation now pins nine members of the Biden family connected to influence peddling.

While crimes are invented to prosecute President Trump, real crimes are ignored for members of the Biden Crime Family and the Democrat party.

When recent news broke of the Biden family receiving pay offs, the corrupt establishment responded by ordering its puppets in New York to indict Trump. A lovely distraction from the real crimes committed by Biden and his influence peddling family. The cabal knew their lapdogs in the mainstream media would yap constantly that President Trump was a ‘criminal’ and ‘no one is above the law.’ The Biden family receiving a 3 million payoff would be totally ignored.

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‘No one is above the law.’ How many times have we heard that spouted by faux outraged Democrats and the fake news. We the people, get it. ‘No one is above the law’ except Democrats and their partners in crime. Why else would Hunter’s felonies, in-your-face money laundering and drug use be ignored? Why is Biden not held accountable for his unconstitutional executive orders and obvious lies? Why is Fauci getting sweet paychecks and having soft ball interviews after his genocide of  thousands with a ‘vaccine’ that was neither ‘safe or effective?’

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Oh yeah, because they are Democrats and they ARE above the law. Or maybe it’s the old ‘rules for thee and not for me’  in real time.

When will the Democrats be held accountable?

Only if we prevent them from rigging elections and prosecute them fully for their treason, otherwise we can expect more tyranny and total serfdom in the future.

Hold them accountable because NO ONE is above the law!


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We are fundraising for 2023, You can keep GrrrGraphics online with a purchase! 

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