Vivek Ramaswamy Hops over DeSantis in Turning Point straw poll

Cartoon published 07/18/2023

Over the weekend people attending the conservative Turning Point Action conference overwhelmingly voted for President Trump in a Republican primary straw poll. 87% backed Trump as the republican nominee.

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That was no surprise. What was a surprise was candidate Vivek Ramaswamy who came in as second choice for the GOP nominee behind Trump.

Charlie Kirk stated:

“Vivek really showed up this weekend and the Turning Point Action straw poll results prove it. 51% of respondents picked this man as their 2nd choice candidate. Pretty remarkable how far he’s come in a very short amount of time.”

Vivek has leapfrogged over Fox News’ favorite, Ron DeSantis.  In fact, DeMeatball did not even bother to attend the conference and the attendees expressed disappointment. “Vivek showed up and gave a great speech, and he was the clear second-choice favorite among our people” Charlie Kirk added.


We have no ax to grind against DeSantis, but the Florida governor is not drawing big crowds, nor is he generating a lot of excitement. Perhaps it would have been better for Ron if he had waited to run in 2028.

As far as a choice for vice president, 30% percent of respondents picked Kari Lake at 24%, said Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL). Surprisingly, 22% said Ramaswamy. Maybe it should be no surprise. After all, Vivek is a terrific on-point MAGA speaker who is unafraid to debate anyone. Ramaswamy would quickly make mincemeat out of Biden. While a Trump/Lake ticket could be a sound path to victory in 2024, we will have to wait and see who Trump chooses as his vice president.

In the meantime, the frog pond will be hopping till the GOP primary in 2024.


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